Chai Waffles with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Autumn, Breakfast, Originals / Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I’ve always been a little afraid of making waffles.

That’s because waffle irons always seemed a little shifty. I don’t trust appliances that require too much guesswork. Is this enough batter? Too much? Is it going to run out the sides? Why is my waffle sticking? Is it brown enough? Do I smell burning?

Then The WEBstaurant Store offered to send me a Waring WW150 Single Belgian Waffle Iron. It comes with a cup that has the fill line marked on it. The heat elements are embedded in cast-iron, so it browns perfectly. It’s nonstick. And it beeps when it’s ready to rock AND when your waffle is done. Ever since that first batch, I’ve been a waffle-making fool, because this iron takes the guesswork out of making perfect waffles, and it’s seriously FUN. I went from using a mix to test the machine to coming up with these dreamy Chai Waffles with Vanilla Whipped Cream in no time.

So, I couldn’t be more excited that The WEBstaurant Store, which is the largest restaurant supply company on the web, wants to send a Waring WW150 Belgian Waffle Iron (valued at $219) to one of you, too!

To enter the contest, hop over to, pick an item you’d like to have in your dream kitchen, and name it in the comments section under this post.

I’m all about their Bakery Supplies and Concession Supplies, but they carry storage items, dinnerware, bar accessories – all kinds of fun stuff. People ask me where to get popcorn bags for parties and things like that, and now I know EXACTLY where to send them. Victory!

Visit the site and name your item by 2 p.m. CST on Tuesday, Sept. 14, for your chance to win a Waring WW150 Belgian Waffle Iron to call your very own.

One entry per person. The contest is open only to readers in the U.S. and Canada.

Chai Waffles with Vanilla Whipped Cream

From Rebecca Crump (

Makes 5 or 6 Belgian waffles

  • 1 3/4 cups milk
  • 7 chai tea bags
  • 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs, divided
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    Vanilla Whipped Cream:

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  1. Preheat your waffle iron, and grease it, if necessary.
  2. In a small saucepan, bring the milk to a simmer over medium heat. Add the tea bags, and remove the pan from the heat. Let the tea steep for about 5 minutes. As you remove the tea bags, squeeze the milk out of each one back into the pan. Set aside to cool.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, cardamom and salt. Set aside.
  4. In a medium bowl, whisk the egg yolks, oil, vanilla and chai-steeped milk. (Make sure the milk has cooled before you add it to the eggs.)
  5. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, and add the wet ingredients, stirring just to combine. The batter should be slightly lumpy.
  6. In a separate small bowl, using a whisk or hand mixer, beat the egg white until stiff peaks form. Gently fold the egg whites into the batter, being careful not to overmix. (You should still see some unmixed egg white in the batter.)
  7. Pour the recommended amount of batter onto the preheated iron, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Close the top, and cook until the waffle is golden brown and easy to remove. Keep waffles warm in a 200 degree F oven until ready to serve.
  8. For the Vanilla Whipped Cream: Pour the heavy cream into the bowl of a stand mixer, and whip on low speed. Add the confectioner’s sugar, and increase the speed to medium-high. Add the vanilla. Whip until medium-stiff peaks form, about 1 1/2 minutes.
  9. Dust the waffles with confectioner’s sugar, and top with Vanilla Whipped Cream. Serve hot off the iron or warm from the oven.

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376 thoughts on “Chai Waffles with Vanilla Whipped Cream

  1. I would love the waffle iron for my kitchen to make your recipe! My iron is a pitiful little thing that makes wimpy waffles. Oh, I wouldn't mind some food packaging for gifts, and some……

  2. That waffle iron!! That very waffle iron is what I want! I used one like it in college and loved it.

    I would say the cotton candy machine, but . . . yeah, the waffle iron is MUCH more realistic :)

  3. I would really like the Vollrath 40703 Mini Prima Pro Half Size Convection Oven. And of course this lovely waffle iron. :)

  4. could i just have an insane mix of baking supplies? cupcake liners, baking pans, cake boxes, cake pan liners, etc??

    if you need something more specific… i'd take a tabletop grill!! how friggin awesome is THAT?!

  5. Weird! I was just talking about chai waffles.

    Definitely one of the cake decorating stands (and a display stand!). I've been in love with baking my whole life and I've only ever had one of these at work. It baffled me why I did not have one at home.

  6. Wow, there are so many great bakery goodies on this site…..but I've always wanted what they call a bun pan rack, if only for the Oct-Dec baking season!

    The waffles look great, I don't have an iron, because there are too many choices!

  7. I think the Waring quarter-size Convection Oven with Rotisserie. Yeah, that'd rock my world… but really, the waffle maker. I could TOTALLY use one. Really, totally.

  8. First of all, your waffles look AH-mazing! Well done!

    Second of all, thank YOU for introducing me to WEBstaurant! What I'd love, love to add to our home is their Gold Medal 2408 Red 8 oz. Popcorn Popper! I have ALWAYS wanted a commercial-style popcorn popper and that one is a dream!

    Thanks again for the give-away and the introduction to WEBstaurant!

  9. Mmmm! Thanks for the waffle recipe! I went straight to the baking supplies on the website & love the 24 cup silicone mini baking mold… just what I need!

  10. l'd love to have the Panini grill in my kitchen!
    ps i love your blog. i made the peanut butter swirl brownies this weekend for my family.

  11. I love making waffles. In my dream kitchen i'd have an endless supply of measuring spoons, i have 3 sets and i'm constantly using them. I'd also love one of those wood top bakers tables with draws! imagine that, a whole area in the kitchen solely for baking.

  12. In 2001, on my first anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Paris. One night we went out for some amazing pizza, and my husband looked at me and said, "shouldn't you be able to make this?" I spent the following year making pizza almost every weekend, searching for a favorite recipe for dough and sauce. I still make pizza several times a month for my family, but I have always felt that there was one thing holding me back from the perfect pizza: a perfect pizza oven.

    So, at the risk of seeming greedy, I NEED this:

    because, as much as my husband loves my pizza, there's no chance I'm getting my kitchen remodeled anytime soon.

  13. I would want the Manual Cup Style Juicer, Item #: 40775858 so I could make some seriously tasty lemonade…and of course the waffle maker.

  14. Wow, those waffles look amazing! I would have to say, this waffle maker is indeed my ideal kitchen appliance at the moment, because it's one of the few ones I haven't managed to get my hands on yet! Yum. :)

  15. Wow, there are so many great bakery goodies on this site…..but I've always wanted what they call a bun pan rack, if only for the Oct-Dec baking season!

    I do not have a waffle iron, I worry about spending money on something that doesn't work. But I have a stack of waffle recipes just waiting…should I ever get one.

  16. I was in a diner last week and started dreaming about having a refrigerated bakery display case in my home. Obviously it's really impractical, but if I'm talking about my DREAM kitchen, this is what I'd want.

  17. If we're talking dream kitchen here, I would love a convection oven! The waffle maker would make me real happy too :o)

  18. Oh, snap! I'm not big on entering giveaways. And normally I'm not dreaming of winning but that waffle maker. Oh, that waffle maker. That is what I want! If I had $219 THAT is what I would buy! And my kids would fall in awe at my waffle greatness. One of the twins has been bugging me for a year to get one but I don't want a chaepy one that burnt them or me AND I didn't want to pay big bucks for good one. Thanks for the giveaway…I'm dreaming about it! :)

    Oh, and if I win….I'm ALL over these chai waffles!

  19. I'd like a new waffle iron. The one I have is on it's last legs, possibly because I've become obsessed with that website "Will It Waffle?" and have been waffling everything.

  20. mmmm…I cannot wait to make these waffles this weekend. Thank you for the link to They have the coolest stuff there. Its a hard choice, but I'd really love the Waring WFP14FC Cuisinart 3.5 Qt. Batch Bowl Food Processor. I'm gonna put that on my birthday wish list. :)

  21. I've been lusting after a mandoline after a friend got one–the Medium Duty Stainless Steel Mandoline would be perfect.

  22. definitely some of the food storage bins for proofing dough! a waffle iron would be welcome any day in our kitchen, too.



  23. Besides the waffle iron of course, the 15 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet would be more than welcome in my dream kitchen.

  24. I don't have a standing mixer, but I've been wanting one for ages– the KitchenAid 5 qt commercial one is beautiful

  25. The Chai Waffles recipe sounds yummy, girlfriend and the waffle iron is to die for, I bet. Furthermore, you scored when you found the website. I bookmarked it. There are some fantastic buys even for non-retailers. Check out the canned Tuna prices. My cats would love me forever and always —J/K!

    My kitchen would definitely put the waffle iron to good use. Thank you for the recipe, kiddo, plus the contest entry consideration! My kingdom is yours. ~:o)

  26. oh geez louise, what to choose? a dream kitchen? i would say a cake decorating stand with many types of tips! those are what my dreams are made of at the moment. that, and those waffles! my current waffle maker should have been recalled, as I need an oven mitt to open and close it- danger! for me, those waffles are what is selling the waring waffle maker!

  27. You mean besides the waffle iron?! :)

    I would want the movie theater sized popcorn machine, for sure. Seriously. Though I’m not quite sure what I would do with all that popcorn…

  28. OK, So I am officially in love with that website! I would HAVE to have that lovely waffle maker because the one I have from Wal-Mart is very frustrating, a super sexy large capacity stand mixer, and the Waring Commercial Spice Grinder. Totally impractical, but you did say dream kitchen, right?

  29. Great post! Your waffle looks yummy! I dream about having a wood-topped baking table. Owning a waffle iron like that one would be awesome (but I would need a table to put it on!)

  30. Really, I just need basics – like the sheet pans and cake rings. Oh, what I could do with cake rings! Money is tight, so I don't really spend anything on myself (or my kitchen). I can't even imagine owning some of the big ticket items!

  31. the commercial espresso machine! I would definitely give up sleeping in order to have one of these in my kitchen!

  32. How fun are the cereal dispensers! That is what I would have in my dream kitchen.
    Zevro PRO300 Indispensable Professional Dispenser Dry Food Dispenser Triple Canister Item #: 993PROZ3

  33. I could use the KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 Qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer, after I semi-totaled our hand mixer yesterday=/

  34. I love this site and their cute stuff for entertaining! My dream item would be the 13 3/4" x 8 5/8" x 8 1/4" Table Side Barbeque with Wooden Base. We love eating at Korean restaurants with the table top grills and it would be fun to replicate the experience at home.

    I find waffles a challenge also and am glad you are having an easier go of it! Your recipe sounds delicious. I have always admired the waffle makers they have at hotel breakfast rooms and this one looks similar in design. Very cool!

  35. The Lincoln 13011353 Impinger Electric Countertop Conveyor / Pizza Oven. That would be so much fun. The pizza possibilities are endless! (Also, I learned about Pasta Rethermalizers – never heard of them!) Great site.

  36. My dream item would be a scale – not that it is even such a big item but I just never got around to getting one!

  37. Those waffles look amazing! You did a great sell on that waffle maker so it would have to be between that and the heavy duty mandoline.

  38. I'll have the Hobart commercial food processor please, and the waffle maker too!! My daughter just returned home from Belgium and she is really missing those great wafffles……yum.

  39. I would also totally love to have the Vollrath 40703 Mini Prima Pro Half Size Convection Oven. I don't -need- it, but it sure would be great!

  40. In my future dream kitchen, I would like the "True TDB-24-48G Back Bar Cooler Direct Draw Beer Dispenser with 2 Glass Doors – 49"….which I think is just a fancy way of saying KEGERATOR! I don't care what anyone thinks, that fine piece of equipment can still be classy in any kitchen.

    And I would like the waffle maker as well :)

  41. Oh, look at all the baking supplies! I could use new cake pans, sheet pans . . . what couldn't I use? And then there are drink tubs for parties . . . looks like plenty here for my home baking and party needs!

  42. For my dream kitchen, one of those commercial convection ovens would be awesome, but if I'm living in the real world, I think I would get some of the cute bakery boxes. The individual cupcake boxes would be great for parties!

  43. I've been wanting a food processor for a while now, and I don't want to throw away money on one that will break my heart after one round of chickpeas. SO my new official crush is this lovely piece of machine:

    But I am willing to cheat on it for a waffle maker. Because something that gives me fluffy, warm, sweetness is a deserving mistress. Or mist-er.

    Love the blog (and Mad Men!!)

  44. I'd have to go for the KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 Qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer. Mixing by hand just doesn't cut it for some of these awesome recipes!

  45. ooo, more baking sheets, cake pans, tart molds and cookie cutters because you can never have too many baking supplies plus maybe a pizza peel

  46. I could really use a new pizza stone as mine took a tumble with the help of little hands a couple weeks ago but wouldn't turn down a new waffle iron!

  47. This is totally silly, but the Nemco N55350A Easy Cheese Blocker. I totally miss having a good cheese cutter, and all the ones we've tried have broken pretty much immediately.

    That, or this waffle iron. I've been wanting one for years!

  48. Wow, what a great website. I totally would love the waffle iron. I've been researching them and am at the point that I am ready to buy (my son doesn't understand why it is taking me so long to get a waffle maker). If I have to choose another item from such a great site, I would choose the 11 7/8" Copper Crepe / Flambe Pan with Bronze Handle. We love crepes and trying to make them in the pans we have is really frustrating.

  49. I like that you can create your own custom cutting boards–even pick the number of grooves, the size, and make it with holes! I've been doing a lot of chopping and cooking lately, so I can imagine having a whole colorful set of these (and feel proud that I designed them!).

  50. I'm kind of scared of waffle irons as well. I've had one too many bad experiences with them. Burnt. Chewy. Hard. Wet. Anything you can think of. I 've been through it with a waffle iron.

    These are gorgeous though. Totally worth the anxiety!

    I would love that waffle iron actually!

  51. It would be tough to choose between the sno-cone maker and the cotton candy machine – both bring back memories of my favorite highschool job!

  52. Gosh those waffles sound wonderful. Imagine a waffle iron not made of plastic. I'd love to have it, But would also love the– Waring WSM7Q 7 Qt. Commercial NSF Stand Mixer.

  53. Yummmmmmm!
    OK, pizza stone would be my wish. Always wanted to get going on some mean pizza mixings- like carmelized onions and gorgonzola cheese.

  54. I would love the commercial floor fryer, because if it's going to take up that much space in my kitchen…I would have to deep fry often! Yum! Imagine unabashedly frying delicious, crunchy, crispy, delectable food.

  55. Living in the heart of Philadelphia and being a full time student at school can be pretty hard at times, but the spare time of my relationship with my partner is cooking recipes off Ezra Pound Cake.

    If we had some spare money… we would totally be purshasing the "Nemco 6205 Countertop Pizza Oven 120V" beciause she loves making pizza.
    But we have never made waffles due to our lack in the " Waring WW150 Single Belgian Waffle Iron".

  56. Oh we are all such a shameless pack of wolves… but hey, in this economy, who isn't?! :D Or maybe that's the wrong smiley… ANYWAY.

    Honestly, I would just go for a blender because mine broke and I haven't been able to make smoothies all summer! :(

  57. How do I choose just one thing to drool over? I'm torn between perfect beer mugs and a pizza stone and peel. It's almost christmas, how about both?

  58. Love love love waffles!!! I guess if I could have anything from this website, I would have one of those commercial mixers–I have a really small one right now, but I can totally see myself using one when I'm all grown up!!!

  59. Wow–they have stainless steel punch bowls! Great website. And great blog by the way! The waffle iron would be such a blessing!

  60. I would love to have the Hamilton Beach Tempest High Performance Bar Blender. I have gone through more blenders throughout my marriage, it makes me wish I had never returned the duplicate wedding gifts. I want a blender that can blend ice without burning out the motor.

  61. Wow, they have everything! It's between a heavy-duty Hobart mixer and one of those refrigerated bakery display cases…for my someday bakery…

  62. Well first of course I'd love the awesome waffle maker, it looks just like the one the cafeteria had in college, perfect belgian waffles everytime. And how could you resist on a weekend morning when there's a giant vat of freshly whipped cream and strawberrys macerating in their juices??

    Also, not knowing what I'd want I found these Tartlet/petit four molds, they're too cute! I'd choose

  63. I'd love to have the Hamilton Beach high performance blender. I would make the best smoothies!

    Your waffles look great!! Having a good waffle maker is key.

  64. Cuisinart food processor I have always wanted one but just have never been able to splurge and buy one!!! Maybe one day!

  65. I

    This electric knife looks great, especially with the 4 blade attachments!

  66. I got rid of my waffle iron when I moved across country soooooo, wink wink nudge nudge… The Recipe looks delicious and dangerous.

    Hmmm and what would I like the Hammered Stainless steel party tub. Why? Because Rubbermaid tubs full of booze are tacky. I need to class up the joint with some stainless steel.

  67. I seriously love their food storage options but for a total dream item I am all about the gold medal 3016 cotton candy machine. Absolutely no real reason to drop serious cash on something like that but what fun it would be to have fresh cotton candy for BBQs, scouts, block parties, school parties…

  68. I love waffles. When we were kids ones of our favorite meals was breakfast for dinner. My mother would take out her sturdy old wedding gift waffle iron and cook up waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon. Very comforting and FUN. I'd love the waffle iron described herein, along with a Waring FP25C Cuisinart 2.5 Qt. Continuous Feed Food Processor to mix up a BIG batch of waffle batter. Enough for my extended family to have a winter waffle meal. Heaven.

  69. I'd like the Bunn VP17-1 SS Pourover Coffee Brewer with 1 Lower Warmer Stainless steel 120 V, we drink a lot of coffee.

  70. There are so many things to chose from…but I'd pick the Waring 64 oz. Xtreme High-Power Blender with Adjustable Speed so I can make all sorts of soups and smoothies!

  71. i would LOVE to have the vollrath 3 gallon royal crest stainless steel coffee urn!! but…WAFFLE IRON!!! if our family had an avatar, it would be an actual waffle! we love waffles!

  72. Thanks for including me in this fab giveaway!!
    Waffles look super yummy!
    Ateco 12" Revolving Metal Cake Stand is my wish!

  73. MIXING BOWLS! It seems I never have enough. I LOVE the copper ones. I will take one of those please and several of the stainless steel AND the clear ones. Then I'll be a happy, happy girl ;-) And I don't have a waffle iron of any kind so that is a dream come true! Thanks ;-)

  74. I love, love, love, kitchen gadgets!!! I have appliances all over my kitchen counters covering every inch of available space, and stuffed into every cabinet too! I even have a running list of kitchen items I want/need. Every time I think of something, I add it to my list. I love baking and cooking, and usually when I try a new recipe there is always something I could use or benefit from, to make the finished product that much better or easier. One item currently at the top of my list is a donut pan! I am dying to try to bake apple cider donuts this fall. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, melt in your mouth delicious or at least I hope :)

  75. I would love a stainless steel refrigerated bakery case in my dream kitchen! I love to bake and I'd love to have a place to store a variety of treats for friends and family when they come over.

  76. It's a toss up between the popcorn machine and the cotton candy machine! Totally frivolous!! the waffle maker would be much more practical!!!

  77. Your Chai Waffles sound delicious! My dream kitchen would definitely have this cotton candy machine. Cotton candy is one of my absolute favorite things in the world and I don't get to enjoy it freshly made very often. I would have so many fun little parties to share the cotton candy with friends! This Waring Belgium Waffle Iron would also be in my dream kitchen. My husband and I love waffles but I used to only have a $5 waffle iron that was practically worthless. I decided it wasn't worth the mess and annoyances, so I just donated it. I would love to have an iron that was easy to use and clean!

  78. That waffle iron looks like you could hide under it in a nuclear attack and be safe, but i really need a Kitchneaid mixer. You know, to whip up those waffles

  79. I know it's terrible, but i still don't have a good stand mixer, so i'd go with one of those. Maybe the Kitchenaid 5 qt.

  80. In my dream kitchen I would want the Bunn iMIX- 4 cappuccino/espresso machine with 4 hoppers. My day cannot be started without some coffee and it would be amazing to make quality drinks with this machines. (compared to my 15.00 coffee maker)
    Also, the waffles look delicious. Love chai flavor.

  81. I have actually been browsing waffle irons lately because I feel as though it's an essential part of my kitchen that is missing! I would love, love, love a waffle iron!

  82. Seriously…I'll just take that waffle iron! I've always been a "waffle" gal and definitely not a pancake kind of girl but I've never bought a waffle iron! What is wrong with me?! Maybe I just prefer others to make waffles for me….either way, if I had that puppy I would be sure to whip up waffles every weekend (if not every day) and allow those who love me a break in the kitchen! :)

  83. Ever since the belgian waffle maker broke (and they are not replacing – cost is about $1,000) at my favorite breakfast restaurant, I want one of my own.

  84. I would definitely have one of those old time apple peelers. My grandmother used to have one…when she passed and we cleaned out her house it got lost somewhere. I would want one to remind me of summers with her.

  85. Oh my goodness! is fabulous! My dream kitchen would definitely have a convection oven AND on of their commercial espresso machine :)

  86. I'd have to agree with you and the rest of the commenters that having this breath-taking waffle iron would be dynamite in itself, but if my bank account were suddenly to be in the black a few hundred dollars, I would fall over my own feet to get a KitchenAid stand mixer. Drool….. If necessary, I'd settle for the smaller, home version, but if possible, I'd splurge on the super-charged professional level one. Oh, goodness, yes. :-)

  87. We had waffles last night……not chai mind you…..buttermilk. We had raspberries that needed to be eaten….so….
    I would love anything on the site…..I read cookbooks like they were novels.

  88. I would love to have every item that would complete an in home coffee house. I would also love some fantastic homemade waffles to go along with my daily coffee!

  89. The belgian waffle maker you have here is actually what I would want the most! I've been wanting a nice one for so long. Mmmm

  90. It's a toss up between True TDD-1-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Beer Dispenser 24" – 1 Keg Kegerator and the Cecilware RSF-120 14 Pound Funnel Cake Fryer with Basket 120V, but I think the waffle maker would be slightly healthier for me. :)

  91. I would love to have the Belgian waffle iron. My family loves waffles, but the ones from the ordinary waffle irons can't compare to the Belgian waffles. Your waffle looks sooo good. I would love to be able to duplicate it!

  92. I'm a baker of fancy cakes, but work out of my home and could use some professional equipment!!! I would choose the Hobart Legacy HL200 20 Qt Mixer with Accessories…I could whip up a lot of cake batter in that baby! Oh, and I love waffles!

  93. I'd have to say a nice commercial convection oven would be really nice. For now, a nice waffle iron would be awesome.

  94. I actually really need a waffle iron! I just got married and didn't get on as a gift.

    This one would be amazing. It is seriously the one thing I would want from the site.

  95. Seeing this waffle post reminded me of the waffle irons in which I used to make waffles in at the commons during my undergraduate!
    Anywho, since those days are over, and I've gotten into cooking at home more often, owning a waffle iron just like that described in the post would be awesome! However, I think a definite essential to my dream kitchen would be a KitchenAid mixer, just like the one here! Classy, classic, and essential at the same time!

  96. I want the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart
    2.5 Qt. Continuous Feed Food Processor with Dicing Grid
    Oh to not chop everything by hand! And of course, the waffle iron!!!!

  97. I totally just drooled on my laptop…those waffles look YUMMY!!! I would love to have KitchenAid 5 Qt. Commercial Mixer. My last mixer bit the dust and I have yet to replace it…this mixer would be fantastic! Now I think I need to go make some waffles… ;)

  98. So, especially living in a dorm there is tons of stuff I could use, but I would love to have something like the Waring BB180 44 oz. NuBlend Commercial Bar Blender for smoothies–not to mention spatulas, more measuring cups, stainless steel mixing bowls, baking sheets, etc . . .

  99. I want the 291/2" counter top bread slicer. I don't have a place to put it, but I want my bread slices to be perfectly cut and it is nearly impossible to do by hand! :S

  100. Ooh waffles! I checked out the website and found a lot of stuff I could love. I think the bread pans are really nice, especially the pullmans. Thanks for the contest.

  101. sort of impractical…but hey, if it's a dream kitchen, why not? i'm going with the industrial pizza ovens. maybe even a double decker!

  102. I would want the Garland 6 burner gas range and stove! I use Webstaurant store all the time for supplies. They have always had great customer service!

  103. A sophomore in college i just moved into an off campus apartment with 3 other girls. it being our first apartment we have very few actual cooking tools and machines. At the moment all we have is a toaster, an oven, and a microwave! It would be awesome to have that waffle maker or a food processor (i make a mead pico de gallo) or anything from the website!

  104. In my dream kitchen? One of everything, please. ;) But ooooh man, do I want that spice grinder. And a waffle maker… yes please! I've been wanting one ever since I moved out of my parents' house back when I went off to college, and now my boyfriend has recently discovered a love of waffles. Definitely going to have to get a waffle maker soon. :D

  105. I'd love to have the American Metalcraft PS1416 Rectangular Pizza Baking Stone
    14" x 16" (pizza baking stone). My old one cracked in the oven one day after many uses, and it would be wonderful to have a replacement.

  106. Sometimes I want to stay in a hotel just to have a waffle from the breakfast bar. My dream kitchen would need a lot more workspace, so one of those worktables would be a perfect start.

  107. I would totally get a gas countertop griddle. I could make my own short order cook station for breakfast treats! (Plus using my waffle iron!)

  108. The recipe sounds fantastic! I think we will test it this weekend!
    I went small and picked out a forschner 10 inch chef's knife..but a new fridge would be lovely as well!

  109. While that waffle iron would be fun, I have a vintage waffle iron that I adore (and plan on making chai waffles in it very soon!). Plus, I'm entranced by the dual cereal dispensers — how much fun would that be for my kids to get their own breakfast? Love it. So that's what I want!

  110. Aside from REALLY wanting that waffle maker (there's one on my birthday/Christmas list)…I would want some Cambro ingredient bins!

  111. I'm a dork, but I love the magazine racks on that site — what a great way to store and display all my cooking magazines in the kitchen!

  112. I would certainly LOVE to have these waffles! I am a huge fan of everything chai flavored. And on that note, that is a beautiful waffle iron. I am a beginning baker and I have great hopes to make something as presentable as these waffles! Well, in hopes of having a shot at that iron, I headed over to the store and I came up with something kind of basic…. A KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 Qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer. I have wanted one for a while, and I have had it on my Christmas list… so far no luck. Santa must not like me very much. This is the item:

  113. Of course the waffle iron, my husband adores Belgian waffles and I am a waffle failure! It oozes out all over the counter, I under cook the first few, overcook the last few and end up thinking "WHY do I bother!"

    But if I had my choice item for my dream kitchen it would be: Avantco MX20 Gear Driven 20 Qt. Commercial Mixer w/ Guard

    ever since visiting Hurst castle in CA I have dreamed of the 5 foot tall mixer! This one would do just fine. : )

  114. OMG! I would LOVE that waffle iron! I'm using one that belonged to my mother back when I was in high school and the cord is starting to look dangerously thin. I've been on a real waffle-making tear lately and would swoon over this I can tell you.

  115. I love your blog. And now I love Wow, they have everything! I want a pizza oven! And the cuisinart food processor. And all of the takeout and to-go containers…I really need some of those. And of course the awesome waffle maker!!! Yum.
    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  116. What a great site! Never seen it before. There are so many things I would want, but for now, I can't find cupcake inserts for boxes where I live so that is what I would want.

  117. Ooh this would be awesome! I also like the Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Sandwich Grill 120V. Thanks!

  118. Those waffles look fantastic! After visiting the website I now have a dream kitchen list! I guess at the moment this item: True GDM-49W-RF – 55" Radius Front Glass Door Wine Merchandiser
    Item #: 890GDM49WRF stands out the most or maybe one of the smaller Hobarts, a 12 qrt?

  119. I don't have a blender right now…because I have killed my past three blenders. I don't blame the blenders. I'm guessing it's not their fault…I probably ruined the recipe for ice, and made mine too hard. Anyhow, I would LOVE a commercial bar blender:
    Waring MX1500XTP 3.5 HP Commercial Blender with Programmable Keypad & LCD Screen, Adjustable Speed, 48 oz Polycarbonate Container & (get this!) Sound Enclosure!!

    Who knew things like this existed? I bet this thing cound replace my television, rove Mars, and even manage the household! Besides, I think three and a half horses could make a kick ass margherita!

  120. This waffle iron is brilliant and you know what would save most houses a ton of money and excess packaging? A french fry cutter…exactly what my devoted husband needs. We'd go green AND eat better. Dare I order it now? :) Thanks for the great recipe and offer!

  121. I've been dreaming of a waffle iron… and also dreaming of the Nemco 6205-240 Countertop Pizza Oven 240V!

  122. Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Sandwich Grill 120V (SG-811E love one of these-thanks for the giveaway

  123. I would jump off the dock for a stainless steel commercial side-by-side refrigerator!!!! The water is cold, so pick me!

  124. That waffle recipe looks incredible. It's on my "some weekend when I'm not traveling" list. I would love one of these snow cone machines:… Totally not a necessary item. When I was a kid, I put a Snoopy Sno-Cone maker on my list every holiday/birthday. I never got one. Dont' know why. But this thing would satisfy my sno cone cravings AND let me say, "See, Mom–I *finally* got one, and it's bigger and badder than anything Snoopy had ever imagined."

  125. Well an item I'd love to have (other than this awesome waffle maker) would be one of the American Metalcraft Pizza Stones. Mine broke a few years ago, and I have not been able to come close to crust that amazing since.

  126. I too would go for the waffle maker. Just so I could make those waffles. I would make waffles all the time with a beautiful piece of equipment like that!

  127. As much as I would love to have my very own cotton candy machine in my house, I think a waffle iron is much more realistic. what a great giveaway!!

  128. Making waffles intimidates the hell out of me. So your post was very inspiring. Having a waffle iron, period, could persuade me to conquer my fear. And a handful of those cute little asian soup spoons!

  129. This is really simple, but I'd love the grey 3-tier condiment bin! It would be perfect on a shelf for organizing all my small scrapbooking embellishments…or all those little hard-to-contain kid toys in our newly renovated playroom!

    That waffle maker looks awesome. I've used them at hotels before and they do come out perfect every time!

  130. OH I'm in love with the Cambro BAR650DSPM Cambar 67 1/2" Portable Bar with 7-Bottle Speed Rail Designer Colors Complete Post-Mix System 110V. Looks like something out of the 40's. It would be a wonderful entertainment tool.

  131. Ever since working in a bakery during college I have loved Hobart mixers. There's just something very comforting in hearing a huge Hobart mixing away in the back ground. So I'd love to have a Hobart Legacy HL300 30 Qt. Floor Mixer.

  132. Ever since college I've wanted a cereal dispenser. My kids would lose their minds over it. That and the waffle iron would rock our breakfasts.

  133. Coincidentily enough, my kids have been wanting me to get a waffle iron for many years, so I'd be very happy to win this one! I guess they're tired of making waffles in our toaster. BTW, your chai waffle recipe sounds delish.

  134. Cast Iron Interior and a fill line, that Waffle Iron is far and away better than the one I have. Though I've made some good waffles on mine. I do love Chai flavored things, and I'm excited to try these. Thanks for coming up with it.

    as for what i'd want in my dream kitchen….. oh, there are so many things. The site is excellent. I have to say though that the custom cutting boards they were featuring on their main page really caught my attention. who knew you could get a custom cutting board? Not me. But I do now.

  135. I'd love to have the Waring WDF75B 8.5 lb. Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer 208V! I know deep fried french fries are terrible for you but I just can't help the cravings!

  136. I am newbie to blogging. I think this is very exciting and waffle maker looks very sleek and high quality. We do a lot of entertaing at home and we get a lot of out of town huest as well. If no waffle maker I would love to have one of the
    8 Qt. Deluxe Roll Top Chafer

  137. Wow… what a great site! I have always "needed" a speed rack (which they call a bun rack) with enough sheet pans to fill it. Tiny kitchen = Never Enough Space. Although I don't know where I'd store such a thing….

  138. Okay, I just finished eating breakfast … but that waffle makes me want a round 2! They have some pretty snazzy blenders — the kind I wish we had when I was working in the restaurant LOL We were always dealing with broken blenders, I swear. This one would be nifty ::
    Waring MX1000XT 3.5 HP Commercial Blender with Paddle Switches and 64 oz. Polycarbonate Container
    Thanks for the chance!! :)

  139. I would just love to have so many of the products, they make me drool for a new remodeled kitchen…but that is not going to happen. So I really want a kitchen Aid mixer that you have listed as KM25GOX 5qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer. How happy this would make me since the off brand I have can not handle some of the recipes I make

  140. Those waffles are beautiful and sound delicious! I am definitely adding them to my to-try list. Hopefully I'll win the nice waffle maker to make them in otherwise I'll be testing them out on my $7 Target version :)

    My dream kitchen would definitely include an extra freezer. Sadly, my apartment is too small :(

  141. I really love the 10 inch woven wood salad bowls. They are seriously awesome. I have other wood products, but the woven design seems pretty special!

  142. Yes, I'd luv to win the waffle iron. My mouth is watering as I type this thinking of those luscious waffles. :D


  143. So much to choose from there! I think I would choose one of the panini makers because I've always wanted one and have never had the space…as long as we're dreaming. :)

    Can't wait to try the chai waffles! Thanks!

  144. Love waffles! I would love to own the Zevro PRO300 Indispensable Professional Dispenser Dry Food Dispenser Triple Canister. It would save me constantly having to clean up after my children and constantly pulling every single cereal box we own out of my cupboards every morning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. I would love the Waring WSG30 Commercial Spice Grinder. I use a coffee mill, but this looks like a lot more fun!!!

  146. Those look incredible. Even though it's 8pm, I'm craving these waffles!

    I'd also like the Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Sandwich Grill 120V.

  147. I would be all about the KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 Qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer. Anything bigger wouldn't fit in my house.. but a girl can have realistic dreams.

    Those waffles look YUMMY!!!

  148. I am in desperate need of an 8" chef's knife, but in my dream kitchen, I would also love a revolving cake stand and a panini press.

  149. I really would like an entire commercial kitchen, considering I'm feeding a family of 9… LOL but I'll start with something completely frivolous… The frozen slushy/granita maker – the one with dual dispensers!

  150. Wow! What a great Giveaway! I love the recipe too! I would love to have a refridgerated beverage dispenser that way i can always have margaritas mixed!!! :)

  151. Oo..I would LOVE the Varimixer W5A 5 Quart Mixer with Accessories. I bake a lot and this would be perfect!

    faeriesmak at gmail dot com

  152. OMG what an awesome give away! I would love to win it! :)
    I also love the Hamilton beach blenders :)


  153. My husband, who has a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident last year, started feeding our dachshund waffles with butter and syrup with him every morning before he went to rehab. We now have a rolly poly who is on a very strict diet. I would love a revolving metal cake display so maybe now I can fatten up my husband.

  154. True T-49DT 2 Section Dual Temp Reach-In Refrigerator/Freezer Combo. I have a large military family and this is what I dream of when my husband retires from the Air Force and I can have a Kitchen that can accomidate my large growing family. I have always wanted a waffle iron like this one. I have an old one that was a handed down to me and it works ok, but the kids love waffles and this would be wonderful I seem to always burn them now.

  155. I would have to buy the 32 oz. VERSAtainer 7" x 2" Round Microwavable Container with Lids. We already use these at home and they are great to pack lunches in. We even put them in the dishwasher! We use them like a big bento box and if they kids forget them at school or they get lost it's ok because of the price.

  156. Great Giveaway, i will love to have "True GDM-33 Sliding Door Refrigerated Merchandiser – Two-Section, 33 cu. ft" totally amazinggggggg

  157. i like the zevro GAT200 Indispensable Dispenser Dry Food Dispenser Double Canister – 17.5 oz.
    floatingonabiscuit at

  158. We recently converted our seldom used "office" into a far more relevant Sports Bar. I would love a glass froster as part of our conversion. It's always a work in progress.

  159. I would like to have an ice cream freezer! namely this one!
    I do a lot of recipe testing at home with my little 50 dollar ice cream maker.. and i never have any room to store the ice cream so i waste batch after batch of ice cream…. I am working on developing recipe's to one day open up an ice cream/ bakery/coffee shop once i graduate from culinary school! a waffle iron would be nice to add to the things that i now wouldn't have to invest in for my dream business =D

  160. I actually really want a waffle iron like this. This is the type of waffle iron my college and now work cafeteria uses and it makes the BEST waffles. I could eat them every day. I have tried many waffle irons and none are as good as this one. I just don't think I could dish out that much money for a waffle iron.

  161. I would love to have a deli slicer – crazy I know, but I can slice 'til my hearts content.
    Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

  162. A waffle iron is actually on our wish list, but I'd love to have the Hamilton Beach Tempest HBH650 64 oz. High Performance Bar Blender too. Thanks!

  163. 12" x 16" Quilon Parchment Paper Pan Liner 100/PK
    I know, I know but I am trying to get my kid to take her stuff so I can fit more crap before buying new gadgets (aside from the 2 I ordered this morning) and I LOVE using parchment liners and this is a much better deal than I can find here. ;)

  164. I'd love to have that waffle iron! Also, the Waring WSB50 Big Stik Variable Speed Heavy Duty Immersion Blender would be a fabulous addition to my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. This may sound strange but I've always wanted an ice mold! I'd love to have the Swan Shaped Ice Mold. My next dinner party would be tres elegant! :)

  166. The waffle recipe looks amazing!! I wonder if I could make pancakes with that mix…
    I'd love to get some new loaf pans and muffin tins, as mine are all very old and abused from when I was young and didn't know how to treat non stick surfaces.

  167. I would love to have the double canister dry food dispenser for cereal. Might keep it from going stale so quickly since the bags and boxes do not get closed very well.

  168. I have been wanting a food processor for a while now so that might be my choice. Although I'm kinda drooling over everything wondering how they woudl actually fit in my kitchen

  169. I would love to customize my own cutting boards. Also, I would love to make my grandson special waffles for breakfast, so, pick me!

  170. So much to choose from, but in my dream kitchen I'd love to have a slushie machine, one of those little pizza ovens, and on and on. I love to make homemade waffles, so the waffle iron would be awesome! The one i have is very hard to clean and makes smallish waffles)

  171. i would definitely love the Vertical Chute Food Processor – i need one so badly and they are just too much money for a college student right now!

  172. Ooh. We've needed a chest freezer to store all of the homemade ice creams and doughs and baked goods forever, now. So yes, one of those. And a waffle iron. :)

  173. to be honest I would pick the waffle maker in this giveaway I have been longing for one…. but if I must I would pick the

    * Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Sandwich Grill 120V (SG-811E)
    * Item #: 177P80 120

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  174. I would love to have the U.S. Range U60-6R24RR 6 Burner Gas Range with 24" Raised Griddle/Broiler and Two Standard Ovens in my dream kitchen!!!

  175. Wow, some amazing things on their site. There are so many items that I would love for a dream kitchen, one of them would be the Waring JE2000 Heavy Duty 16,000 RPM Juice Extractor with Pulp Ejection.
    And your recipe looks Oh so good! I will be writing that one down and trying it!

  176. I would LOVE to have new dinnerware. I have been desperately searching for decorative and colorful plates for my food photography, and I think that the Fiestaware would be absolutely amazing to have!

  177. The baking supplies section is amazing!!! I love it all!! I could use some of everything in there!! Some of the food storage containers for storping it all in, too!!

  178. Actually, I would love the waffle iron…mine never gets the waffles good and crispy! But I love their whole site, so many fun things there.

  179. The Garland MCO-GD-20S Convection Oven Double Deck Deep Depth,.I am not sure which makes me drool more. That oven or those waffles!

  180. Any of their coffee presses would be popular in our house.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  181. Waffles and Chai– two of my favorites. I can't wait to try this recipe. ( the waffle iron is amazing-cool!)

  182. Oh…I really want the waffle iron but I also love the Zevro PRO300 Indispensable Professional Dispenser Dry Food Dispenser Triple Canister. That would be so cool.

  183. I would love to have the Gold Medal 3016 Mega Floss Cotton Candy Machine and Gold Medal 1002 Deluxe Sno-Konette Sno-Cone Ice Shaver and my boyfriend would love Cecilware RSF-120 14 Pound Funnel Cake Fryer with Basket 120V… We'll always be kids at heart!

  184. I would love a KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 Qt. Commercial NSF Kitchen Aid Mixer. I'd love a mixer nearly as much as I'd love a waffle iron. I'm in desperate need of kitchen tools. I can make pancakes with what I have now but looking at those delectable waffles, they just aren't the same!

  185. I would really love a food processor, so many more recipes seem to call for them and I've been wanting one for a while.

  186. I don't know how my family could live without our microwave–I'll bet the Amana 2200 watt commercial one would sure make my life easier! That said, I do need a waffle iron, too! :)

  187. Ohhh…a Garland Pizza Deck Oven! 6 18" pizzas at ONCE?! Wow, the possibilites…

    I also do not own a waffle iron, and would absolutely love this one! Thank you!

  188. I feel the same way about waffle makers and this one sounds perfect. I would love to have the bakery boxes with the cupcake inserts and definitely some spatulas…I have a thing for spatulas!!!!

  189. I am desperate for a food processor. DESPERATE. Tired of all that onion chopping. :-) I also need a spice grinder, but food processor is #1 on my list.

    Not that I would turn down the opportunity to make fresh Belgian waffles each week. YUM.

  190. I want that waffle iron! I recently stayed in a hotel and fell in love with one of those. I've been thinking about it ever since :)

  191. I would love a serious, heavy duty mixer for my home bakery, like the Hobart Legacy HL200 20 Qt Mixer with Accessories!!!

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  192. To be very honest, I would love to have the waffle machine. We don't have a very nice one right now… just a tiny one. I am about 8 months pregnant and I crave waffles almost everyday! Especially if I see one on tv or the internet. I have craved waffles since the beginning of the pregnancy. I don't know what it is, maybe the wonderful combination of melted butter and maple syrup over light fluffy waffles!?
    I did take a look at the website and there is a wonderful large selection on baking ware. I love to look at all of the baking tools and ware as I used to be a pastry chef and those things always excite me!

  193. i know the contest is closed and all….but how would you change this recipe into a pancake batter instead of waffle batter? I don't have a waffle maker and we don't eat big breakfasts often but my fiance LOVES chai so i'd like to make this for him.

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