Our Top 10 Labor Day Menus

Menus, Miscellaneous / Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Technically, Summer won’t be over for a few weeks, but Labor Day weekend is traditionally the Last Call. It’s when we walk over to the bar, tap Summer on the shoulder, and tell him that he doesn’t have to go home, but he can’t stay here.

Then, we belly up to the bar to share one more weekend of cookouts, picnics, pool parties and general debauchery.

Here are 10 menus full of ideas for your Labor Day weekend. So, try something new! Grill a pizza. Make one more batch of ice cream. Eat cobbler for breakfast. Give Summer his last dance.

We’ll be trading the swimsuits for sweaters soon enough.

Eat. Pray. Layer.

So, what are you making?

1. Summer’s Final Fiesta

2. Salmon (or ‘Shroom) Burgers

3. Big Pimpin’ Deluxe

4. Farmer’s Market Favorites

5. New Orleans State of Mind

6. Southern Summer

7. Pizza Party

8. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

9. Finger Foods

10. Mini Menu

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8 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Labor Day Menus

  1. We are having people over on Friday and I THOUGHT I had decided on my menu, until I saw your post… original menu- BBQ Ribs, Wings, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Red Rice with Sausage, Salad, Banana Cream Pie. I'm LOVING your Big Pimpin' Deluxe Menu and might have to mix the two now. SIGH. At least I haven't gone food shopping yet!

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. A friend and I are planning on having a fiesta-style feast on Sunday. A few things from your first menu might be making an appearance.

  3. Yesterday I made the fried green tomatoes w/ the buttermilk dressing, the coconut cupcakes, and the creamed corn. We also had grilled steaks a la Alton Brown and Crash Hot Potatoes from Pioneer Woman. All and all, a great meal.
    Tonight is your shrimp po'boys and remoulade, and tomato tart, though I am tweaking a little and doing a cream cheese/goat cheese mixture instead of the mozz. I'm excited again!

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