Fall Wine and Cheese Tasting Party Giveaway!

Miscellaneous / Thursday, October 15th, 2009


Thanksgiving is six weeks away.

Are you still there? Do you need a minute?


Deep breaths.

A few weeks ago, Corrinne from Alouette® contacted me about doing a Fall Wine and Cheese Tasting Party Giveaway to help promote their new mantra: “Slow Down and Savour.”

Nice idea, but I didn’t want to do a chintzy giveaway.

So, Corrinne gave me a rundown of the prize package, valued at a decidedly un-chintzy $150.

We’re talking …

•A Mariposa two-toned, white teak and bamboo cutting board with two swivel-style drawers

•3 stainless steel cheese tools: cheese fork, hard cheese knife and cheese spreader/knife

•3 stainless steel wine tools: corkscrew, bottle stopper and drip ring

•4 cheese markers with pen

•10 customized cheese rating cards

•10 customized pens

•Alouette® coupons for FREE Baby Brie Wedges, 100% All-Natural Soft Spreadable Cheeses and Fresh Cheese Crumbles

•Alouette® recipe cards

•365 tips on how to “Slow Down and Savour”

I can testify to the quality of the above items, because I received them myself in return for hosting this giveaway, and YOU WILL LOVE THEM. Having the wine and cheese tools stored inside the cutting board is unbelievably handy. A bottle stopper? Always wanted one. And I’m a sucker for the Alouette® Garlic and Herbs spread.

To enter, please answer the following question in the Comments section:

In honor of Alouette’s “Slow Down and Savour” mantra, what do you like to slow down and savour in the fall?

For me, it’s all about the classics – comfort foods, Hitchcock movies, listening to Garrison Keillor on “The Writer’s Almanac,” making time for small-town festivals and running naked through the fallen leaves in the front yard. What about you? Are you all about tailgating or getting lost in a great book this time of year? Is there a movie you just have to see or a CD you can’t stop playing? A certain food? A family tradition? A hobby?

OMG, now I really have to know.

The winner will be selected at random on Friday, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m. CST and announced seconds later! One entry per person.

Best of luck!

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176 thoughts on “Fall Wine and Cheese Tasting Party Giveaway!

  1. What a wonderful giveaway!!

    My favorite way to savour the fall is to be at a coffee shop having biscotti and coffee. Reading the newspaper or browsing blogs on my laptop. I can spend hours and not care what else is going on and just relax. I love it!

  2. I slow down to savor cozying up with my loved ones, as the days get shorter. I love the comfort foods of autumn, perfect for a cloudy day. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  3. For me, that is usually when I do most of my book reading. I love to put the kids to bed and curl up in my own bed with lots of blankets and books!

    Very nice giveaway, thank you.

  4. I definitely slow down cooking. I am talking crock pot, braising and roasting…also the baking of everything! Time in the Northeast to crank up the oven because grilling days are just about over for winter, at least for the non-brave like me ;)

  5. Pumpkin or various Squash Soups, Hot Chocolate (or Regular Chocolate :p), etc. I always like to keep my options open in case something good comes up in the recipe blogs!

  6. I savour walking outside in a warm coat. I love the smells, textures and sounds of fall: smoke from fireplaces, leaves crunching under my feet, the cool air blowing through the trees, a soft scarf against my neck. As for food, I'm all about hot soups and comforting casseroles. My favorites are spicy curry soups and hearty baked pasta dishes like mac 'n cheese. Paired with a nice crusty wedge of bread and a solid Italian red, it's the perfect fall-time dinner.

  7. My favorite slow down and savor in the fall is usually a hot chocolate or Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice. Both are favorites, and MUST be savored curled up on a couch with a crackling fire. ;)

  8. In the fall, I love making dinner for my husband. I have more time and I feel like making the house all cozy. We are new "empty nesters" and I am enjoying this phase of my life so much. I try a new recipe a couple of times a week and it is so fun for me.

  9. Wow – Autumn is my favorite season and It's hard to narrow this down!! I savor reading a good book (especially if there's a fire in the fireplace!), steaming cups of tea, the crunch of just-picked apples, and sleeping with cozy flannel sheets,

    Happy autumn to you too!!

  10. We slow down and savour the weather. We live in Texas, so it is blazing hot for five months of summer. Fall greets us with temperatures under 90, which lure us outside for cookouts, walks, and coffee with neighbors.

  11. I live in Central Florida, and it's still up int he 90s right now, so it's hard to think of it as fall. However, when the slightly cooler air does finally hit, I always take plenty of time to sit on my balcony with a good book, a good glass of something bubbly and just enjoy. And even when I'm in the middle of a cookie tornado, I always take a moment or two to sample my creations and can't wait to give them out. Now all I need is some actual fall weather and I'll be happy! :)

  12. I like to savor hot beverages, holding them in my hands outside watching the steam come off the top. Especially apple cider which i only drink in the fall.

  13. I love the smell of wood burning fires clashing against the crisp air. It pulls me away from from my to do list and entices me just to walk around the village and take it all in.

  14. I like to slow down and savor time indoors with my family and friends. Cooler weather means less running around and more quality time.

  15. Well, in the tradition of the giveaway, I love to slow down and savour wine and especially cheese. It's my absolute favorite thing to eat. And I love trying new cheeses. A nice mulled wine is great to sip in the Fall. Mmmmm, is it too early in the morning to be thinking about wine?

  16. I actually end up slowing down and savoring the rainy weather… For some reason, it just started to get cold, and when it rains I can't resist just staying inside with the shades up, listening to mellow music, and relaxing. Something about it soothes me so much more than the summer!

  17. I love making the first fire of the season and curling up in front of it with a good book or some knitting and a cup of tea.

  18. I like to stop at the top of our hill on the way down to our house and take time to look at all the beautiful fall trees. The colors are amazing. I also make anything with pumpkin. Especially pumpkin desserts! Today, I am going to buy a new fall candle.

  19. Oh my.. what a give-away! Oh oh.. I just jumping up an down here, sorta like a child having to use the wee lil' girls room asap!

    Okies okies.. so the question is how do or what I do to 'slow down and savour fall'

    First of all.. brew a very large batch of apple butter which takes days to do.. but the results are only the best and have such a great Autumn flavor.

    Secondly; start a fire using wet pine cones to bring the smell of waning summer and the start of fall with earthy delights!

    And lastly; German Cuisine simmering on my stove top or oven. Oh, the smells and tastes that one can get this time of year.

  20. I really want to stop and savor the feeling in the air for fall. I usually only get "that feeling" come winter but I'd like to give the slightly chilly days their fair shot (I live in Houston so they are few and far between) and my utmost attention. Pumpkin Spice espressos, Texans Football, apples and cinnamon, your taco soup and homemade biscuits, and the smile on my fiance's face. :)

  21. I love staying in jammies, making a big breakfast and watching movies all day. Thats a perfect fall/winter Saturday for us. I also love baking with pumpkin. I cant get enough of it.

  22. Fall is all about soup (Gingered Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup, anyone?), homemade baguettes, and watching our little girls romp around in the piles of fall leaves.

  23. The outdoors… even my normal rushing from car to house is paused in the autumn light, the luminescence of the strained glass leaves taking my breath away and reminding me, for a moment, to pause and breathe.

  24. I like to slow down and savor the fall weather – the folliage falling, crispness of the air and carving pumpkins.

  25. This time a year I mostly end up curling up on the couch and reading for hours. And of course baking…love how the house smells with fall baking!

  26. I can't wait for the weather to cool off here enough for us to enjoy having a fireplace for the first time – it's our first house! In Texas we likely won't get to use it often, but when it's cold enough, it's one of the best places to snuggle up next to and watch a scary or romantic movie!

  27. I love to slow down and really look at the beautiful nature around me. I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the autumn season is so beautiful here! Right now, I can see the tree outside my window beginning to turn from green to gold, yet the mountains beyond are already splendid in their multitude of colors.

  28. Slowing down in the fall for me usually involves a hot beverage of some sort–apple cider, coffee, tea, you name it–usually accompanied by some sort of delcious baked good. Mmm. If I've got a good book handy, even better!

  29. As soon as the weather starts to get chilly I love to start crocheting a new afghan while I watch A Christmas Carol. Must have something baking in the oven before I start so the house smells really good.

  30. I like to savor the weather. You get to enjoy the last warm days, and at the same time begin to experience the briskness of fall. At the same time the leaves and the light change, making it a wonderful time to be outside.

  31. i have a bunch of fall traditions that i enjoy. most of them include food or some kind of hot beverage! i think at the top of my list would be lounging in my jeans, favorite sweater, and cozy socks, sipping on hot mulled cider with rum and spiced butter (my mom's recipe) playing board games with my best friends. usually i'll set the mood with some pumpkin spice candles and some finger comfort food like mini honey apple tarts, pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting, spiced nuts (warm from the oven), and assorted fall cookies. what can i say? i was a fall baby!

  32. my favorite in the fall is to take a long drive up towards the mouth of the mississippi, looking at the fall leaves.

  33. Stepping outside on a brisk morning and seeing color everywhere. I grew up in Kansas, where the leaves don't change color very dramatically, and just moved further east where it's gorgeous. Appreciate the beauty that you have!

  34. I like to slow down and spend time with my family. Summer-time seems to be all about getaways and roadtrips with friends, but the fall always brings me back to family. Sitting down around a board game, sipping hot chocolate and laughing. That's what I look forward to slowing down for during the fall.

  35. I love to make pumpkin bread and share it with friends. Spend time with my grandchild and introduce her to fall things…like pumpkins (she is only one).

  36. After a blasted hot summer here in Arizona, I like to savour the cool evenings and even cooler mornings. Still pretty warm during the day, but it sure is better!

  37. It’s all about getting outside in the early afternoons as much as possible. As soon as the temps drop a bit, but the sun is still out, and you can take an afternoon stroll or grab a tea. Oh, and nibbling a cookie never hurt either.

  38. I intend to slow down and enjoy reading again. I have not made time to enjoy a good book. Books can take you so many places and you do not even have to leave home!

  39. I like to watch the leaves change colors and enjoy nice warm thick soups. Like broccoli cheese. And reading books inside the comfort of a nice warm blanket.

  40. I like to spend the fall watching leaves and planning for Halloween, then working on good food for Thanksgiving. I like to savor fresh pressed cider and home-made pie!

  41. absolutely favorite thing is to get everyone around a firepit when it's gotten chilly. it's that great feeling of getting too hot near the fire and then having to walk away to cool back down for a minute or so.

  42. I look forward to and totally enjoy the first fire of the season. It hasn't happened here yet (Western Tennessee), but I have hope for this weekend. I'll put on my flannel jammies, grab a book, glass of wine and light the place up!

  43. I look forward to slowing down and spending more time curled up on the couch with my hubby, under warm blankets or in front of a fire and watching movies instead of going out in the cold. Fall means coziness and comfort food to me. Cheese, crackers, and wine would make for a lovely time!

  44. I definitely savor slow homey cooking during this time of year and have stacks and stacks of recipes to try. I love having a rainy cold weekend like we're having right now to heat up the kitchen and make a big pot of beef stew and some homemade rolls and some yummy dessert. Its so hard not to gain weight this time of year!

  45. I love the crispness in the air (and getting to finally dig my coats out of the closet) and the way the changing leaves seem to glow against the grey skies. And the food, of course, comforting and warm, they complement the chilly weather outside.

    This is a great giveaway – I'm definitely crossing my fingers for this one! :)

  46. To slow down and savour the fall, I pull on my clunky gumboots to squish and track through mud that sucks me to the ground.

    I'm in a poofy pumpkin-patch-princess dress with all the accessories that takes me one hour to get ready in the morning.

    My fingers are freezing off as I haul muddy children off the wagon onto the pumpkin patch.

    At break-time, I sit on a hay stack, wrap my numb fingers around my thermos, stare at the gloomy sky, and feel the steamy apple cider warm my belly.

    All in a day's work.

  47. I bring out the warm foods and drinks. There is nothing like simmering soup or cider with some yummy spices (and spiced rum added at the end) to bring in the fall.

  48. What a wonderful giveaway! I like to enjoy the fresh fall air, the beautiful leaves, and the wonderful farmer's market bounty. I love making pumpkin bread, apple crisp, and roasted chestnuts!

  49. I like to slow down and enjoy the dinner making process. Weather is cooler, perfect time for spending time in the kitchen and putting on a great meal!

  50. I enjoy the crisp air. I like the layers of clothing. I love the comfort of my husband's company. And I savor the Sunday dinners we have, which always seem to be much more extravagant come fall.

  51. I have a couple favorite slow down things… I LOVE pulling out the big fuzzy socks, grab a good book, a cup of hot cocoa and lock myself in my room away from my kids!
    Also, I grab my camera and drive around our small town and snap pictures of the scenery…. I have been found laying on someone's lawn trying to get a good angle of whatever I am taking pics of.
    Also, I get out the good old recipes for foods I only eat this time of year: fudge, caramel, rolls, and various cookies.
    Plus, I also will sit down and write poetry….

  52. perfect season for an Agatha Christie book next to an open fire, wrapped in a fleece blanket with a spinning cat on your lap. Even better with some hot wine and roasted chestnuts in front of you.

  53. I love sitting in our new suede armchair with a hot cup of thai tea, a blanket, and the company of my friends :)

  54. Every Fall when the tree outside my office window starts turning red/orange, I go for a walk down to it and just soak in the last breath of Summer and the first of Fall. That's my 'slow down and savor moment every year. It's also when I realize that it's October now, and it seems like just last week I was setting off fireworks…

  55. I savour the crisp cold air on my skin as I take my daily after-supper walk with my parents. I savour the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin and maple in the kitchen. I savour the lazy Saturday mornings, sleeping in, making pancakes in the morning. Reading the New York Times all Sunday morning. Sigh. I miss that. I have temporarily relocated to the hot and humid island of Taiwan. But this morning I savoured my first familiar autumn Saturday morning. Slept in late. Made banana pancakes with my new roommates. Enjoyed some maple syrup I packed from home. That is fall. I feel a little more at home.

  56. I love it when I remember to stop staring at the road constantly and look at some of the gorgeous colors around me instead, as I drive home each evening.

  57. fall is about enjoying the brilliant colors of the ever changing landscape…making hearty soups…enjoying good cheese & wines with my husband & friends…& making alot of seasonal desserts!
    thanks for entering me in this fab giveaway.

  58. even though i now live in fast-paced NYC– i frequently return to my home-town of albuquerque– smelling my mother's chile molé & pisolé… the air carried by scents of burning cedar in fireplaces and kivas, friends, family & good wine.. seeing the changing of the leaves in central park, then being whisked away to the native american/hispanic traditions of my youth… this– this ushers in the slow, and deliciously sensory autumn season for me.

  59. I like to travel through upstate NY and VT and stop in the small towns with beautiful foliage. Also, apple picking and mulled cider afterwards… best fall day hands down.

  60. I love to pick apples and go to the autumn fairs and harvest festivals. After spending a day in the cool outdoors, I like to come home, bake an apple crisp, then sit by the fire with a cup of hot tea and a dish of apple crisp (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream of course).

  61. Slow down and savor? We can do that now that it's fall??? I still have to rake the leaves, winterize the fountain, pull the frost bitten flowers out and mulch the garden….. Hee Hee! I am soooo looking forward to and will savor a pot of soup bubbling on the stove top, fresh bread in the oven and a fire roaring in the fire place. I will slow down with a good book and a glass of wine to enjoy all those wonderful things! Thanks for hosting this awesome give away!

  62. It is unbelievably hard for me to get out of bed during these gorgeous and crisp fall mornings. The kids usually wake me and get into bed with me. It's all so cuddly and warm and the air around is cool. We savour the mornings in bed cuddling and talking about how we slept and what dreams we had.

  63. Fall, I love to smell it ,see it and feel it. It's time to wear a sweater, make hot apple cider, bake, rake leaves, (yes even in California we rake leaves) go to football games and eat comfort food.

  64. I love to take a Sunday afternoon drive up into the Wasatch Mountains to see all of the beautiful fall colors on the trees. I roll down my window so I can smell the fireplaces of the house that are up there. I love the chill in the air!

  65. The thing I like to savor best is homemade applesauce, replete with cinnamon and ginger and still hot from the stovetop. I spent four years in the heart of New York's apple country, and there is nothing at all like homemade applesauce.

  66. My fall is all about the Cataract Bean Dinner [the cataract volunteer fire department cooks 700 POUNDS of great northerns in two days. the sleepy little town comes alive with traffic and people and on monday is asleep again for the next year] its also about pumpkin ice cream, and carving pumpkins with my family. Even though we are all grown up now [me 27, my brother 30 and the little sister 20.], its a tradition we refuse to break. Its also about putting on the warm sheets, trying to hold off on turning on the heat as long as I can and the return of the pup to my bed. Its about almost crying as I watch the streetlight come on and make the now orange maple across the street glow and long walks to run my feet through the leaves. But, hey. I'm a romantic.

  67. Savoring the autumn season can take place in many ways. But, the one that I enjoy most is to sit outside sipping a tall glass of wine, listening to the sounds of fall – the ducks flying overhead, the breeze softly blowing through the baring trees and the leaves rustling on the ground. I smell the enchanting flavor of the season, sit back and close my eyes. I love autumn!

  68. I like to spend time in my kitchen rolling out gingerbread, I also like making stews and slow braises. Anything to keep the oven ON since my kitchen has so so many windows and a too high ceiling and is fffreeeeezing!

  69. After a long work day and the chilly San Francisco weather, I love sitting down to play the piano while singing along. The slow ballads in particular really allow me to get all of my emotions and anxiety out into the music. I was a vocal performance major in college, and the time alone is so relaxing. A glass of wine on the piano is nice too! :)

  70. I savour the fall by just slowing down and living life a little slower than usual. Actually doing the things I feel like doing, like curling up with a cup of cocoa.

  71. I like to take walks in the nearby woods and relax after that with a nice cup of hot chai tea. And in the evenings I love to try to cook delicious soups

  72. Fall into Winter means slowing down and savouring a long-cooked stew or pot roast. With homemade bread and delicious cheese and a bottle of red wine, it's a perfect Sunday supper!

  73. Last fall, my partner and I sold both of our cars as a way to slow down, save money, and spend more time outdoors. This year, in honor of our one year without wheels, we've decided to host a hot drinks party. In late October, we're going to have friends over to our backyard for a fire (small–we live in the city) and mulled drinks. I like the idea of making this an annual tradition, a way to recognize the importance of savoring and slowing…through food and wine, of course.

  74. I slow down and savor fall baking with a focus on fall flavors. This morning we enjoyed homemade pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling and gingersnap crumble on top, with steaming hot pumpkin spice lattes. We watched the birds on the feeder on the patio and enjoyed a quiet, peaceful Saturday morning.
    Your giveaway sounds absolutely heavenly!

  75. Our new house as an apple tree – and they are just about ripe. Looking forward to savoring apple pies with our very own apples.

  76. Living north of Orlando, I definitely savor the fall weather. Today was our first taste of cool weather and I love it! Everyone is happier. I savor homemade soups/stews, hot chocolate, sweaters, and anticipating the holidays. Weekends watching football with family and friends, fairs and festivals, and spending time in nature is energizing. I enjoy being wrapped up in a blanket with a great book and a cup of tea. I'm looking forward to bonfires and seasonal flavors of coffee! I know I have to savor these things because it doesn't last long here and that makes me appreciate it all the more.

  77. In the fall, I like to enjoy the crisp, cooler weather. It is so nice and refreshing to open all the windows first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee.

  78. I love savoring the mornings on the weekends with my family… to start – a large cup of coffee for me & dh, and warmed milk or hot chocolate for the girls while we all make breakfast together & just recharge together as a family.

  79. Drives in the mountains, savoring the fall colors and the smell of wood burning fires. Cool mornings with the windows open, enjoying a great cup of coffee. (Yes, I can have my windows open…I'm in AZ! Chowders, stews, soups in my cast iron dutch oven.
    Anything pumpkin. I LOVE Fall…

  80. Spring/Summer is always SO busy around here, that fall feels like everything is in slow motion in comparison.
    You know what I'm sayin mommas?

    In the fall, I take the time to REALLY enjoy the at home family moments.
    The Baking. Crafting. Decorating. Games.
    Stealing quick romps at the park and long rainy day naps.


  81. I love talking a long walk with my dog and just absorb all of the colors and smells of fall. The weather is just cool enough to throw on a sweater and you just want to spend all of our time being outdoors.

  82. How awesome is this giveaway! My boyfriend and I just sampled brie for the first time at a wedding and we can't stop sampling different brands! So far the Alouette is our favorite of store-bought but we found a pub in Poughkeepsie, NY that serves Brie in puff pastry with raspberry sauce drizzled over the top with crostini and apple slices to eat it with. SO GOOD!

    My slow down and savour activities are making sure to spend time with everyone important in my life while we're all busy preparing for the winter. Wine, cheese, and dessert parties with my friends playing cranium, cooking dinner (hot garlic and onion soup in fresh sourdough breadbowls) for my boyfriend, fresh homemade pizza with the family while watching sports, hot apple cider (spiked with mead for the 21 and over) while carving pumpkins and roasting seeds, eating said seeds and drinking more cider and hot cocoa while watching the Orion meteor shower.

  83. To slow down and savor the fall, I take time every day during my work day and look out over the treetops that I see from my office window. I spend a few minutes appreciating the beautiful colors of nature and slowing down my hectic day. I return to my work feeling renewed.

  84. There is nothing I savour more during the Autumn months than waking up on a chilly morning, and enjoying a hot cup of Pumpkin Spiced coffee and the Sunday paper while cuddled up under my down comforter.

  85. Being as this is Florida, my favorite part of fall, if it ever arrives, is being able to open the windows in the house and letting in fresh cool air. Also being about to make and eat yummy chili and soups without bursting into flames from the heat and humidity! Ah, fall in Florida…it's a great 2-3 weeks!

  86. Fall is so hard to slow down! BUT on rainy days such as this one, I like to cook slow braised foods for Sunday dinners. I love stewy meals and a beautiful apple dessert to finish off a day. Today, instead of running around like I usually do, I'm cruising the Internet, catching up with family on the phone and trying my hand at some sewing as the rest of my family, reads the paper, plays games on the computer and generally chills.

  87. I love the comfort foods when there's a chill in the air. Slow cooked stews and soups. I live in Colorado where there's already snow on the mountaintops, and yellow Apen everywhere. Enjoy fall!

  88. For me, it's definitely watching Charlie Brown holiday specials and baking pumpkin bars and other favorite childhood treats. Slows things right down.

  89. I like to enjoy apples….they're taken for granted most of the year but are celebrated in the fall when they're at their best. Apple cider, apple fritters, apple pie, you name it!

  90. I love to slow down and savour the crisp weather and the colors of the trees by going out for a nice long run. I guess running doesn't count as "slowing down", but in a hectic, work-filled life, finding the time to get outdoors is, in effect, a way of slowing down and taking a break. Plus, a workout makes a lazy Sunday morning of baking all the more rewarding!

  91. This past weekend I spent my time baking pumpkin bars and cooking chili while watching football. To me this sums up why Fall is my favorite season. My husband even told me that he had the best weekend in a long time. Being with family and making them happy and full is the best gift I could ever receive.

  92. I love all the fall foliage. There are so many wonderful colors! It's too bad those leaves are only on the trees for a short time.

  93. Since we are moved right from hot summer to chilly autumn, and now are moving from official Nor'easter #1 into #2 without any decrease in the rain, the things I savor right now are hot cocoa, snuggling under blankets, and enjoying the hearty "winter flavors that I've already started stocking the fridge & freezer with…. beef stew, chicken frickasee, hearty soups, and tonight is pumpkin risotto with bratwurst…. Heavier foods & great smells. Thanks!

  94. I love to stop and admire the beauty and the smell of autumn leaves that have fallen on the ground. The crisp air coupled with that distinctively fall smell just make me smile.

  95. I savor with the ones that are close to me. Fall reals us all back indoors and back to each other. Fall evenings are for cuddling on the couch with a nice red wine, watching the crackling fire and soon the embers from the dying flames. All while the conversation and deep discussion of life, and other wisdom that your company has to offer, is slowing slipping into the wee hours of the night. A night that you do not want to end. A night that you wish could last forever. Because tomorrow is another day of hustle and bustle and other unknowns that makes life hectic once again.

  96. I savor walking in the crunching leaves and it being cool enough outside so that a warm soup or beverage is amazingly comforting…

  97. Ooooh!!! Fancy!!!

    I like to slow down and savor the air. It's so different each season – fall is fresh but not as fresh as winter; fall makes me think of soup and blankets.

  98. I savor the time that I can spend just being quiet with myself. As the weather gets colder, just sipping tea and cuddling in bed becomes more and more appealing. I love to allow myself to really take my time in the warmth of my own personal space– even just an extra couple of minutes to savor the morning light before I get out of bed.

  99. I enjoy savoring freshly baked pastries (something about fall just makes me need to bake pies!) and warm clothes. All summer long I miss my suede boots and thick tights and it's finally time to wear them again. Even walking the dog and carrying the poo bag home is nice and relaxing in the crisp fall evenings.

  100. Fall totally makes me desire hot cider and hot donuts from the local orchards. Follow it up with a lazy ramble through a corn maze or a slow tractor-drawn hayride, and it's perfection!

  101. the way I slow down in the fall is with a glass of wine from the local winery I got married at, some cheese, crackers, and warm dips while sitting in front of a crackling fire with my husband and little dog Diesel, staring out our floor to ceiling windows at the beauty of the trees and creek behind our house.
    another way I slow down and soak it all up is to go for walks in the park, or meet a girlfriend for lunch on a bright Saturday afternoon. It def helps me to appreciate everything more when I take some time to absorb the beauty of the changing season.

  102. I love to savor the scents of fall – everything smells so much better this time of year…the fallen leaves, woodsmoke, rainy mornings. I love the time leading up to Thanksgiving – it’s the only time of year that my whole family is together. We always have the same dishes for the holiday and they’re all very comforting to me, bringing back memories of years past.

  103. Hi,

    I commented on Friday, but don't see it here. Great giveaway!

    I love curling up with a good book, a hot beverage (apple cider, cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.), and a delicious baked good. Cheese works too, if pastries are not to be had :)

  104. I savor fall by indulging all my senses!! I love watching the leaves change from green to firey reds and oranges. I love the scent of autumn in the air – cool and crisp, with just a hint of snow. I love hearing the wind and rain pound at our windows while I'm cozy on the couch with books and tea. And I love the taste of fall flavors – spice, pumpkin, apples, and maple.

  105. Living here in Texas, I just can't get enough of our lovely fall weather. The sky is so blue, and the temps drop down into the 70's for the daytime highs, and the 50's at night. Before any of our more northerly friends start laughing, remember we're the ones who endured 63 days of temps 103 or more and a drought this past summer. The rains have come back, everything is green once again, with a dash of fall color in the oaks and sumac. And the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen is not to be missed!

  106. I would love to be able to bake more with my kids, watch some classic movies, and cozy up to a fire (which would be possible if I had a fireplace!)

  107. I savor the day that I open the door and inhale that special crisp, cool air that tells me autumn is here. I savor the sound of dry leaves swirling on the sidewalks. And I savor the taste of fresh apple cider, warm in a mug.

  108. I'm absolutely in love with all things Pumpkin in the Fall. I also love camping with my family in the Ozarks which has the most Autumn landscaping.

  109. I like to savour longer moments before going to sleep and after waking up. It's getting darker earlier, it's colder in my house, and so I like to snuggle in bed and read for a long while before sleeping, or stay in bed longer after I wake up. It is relaxing and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the rest of the day as well.

  110. In the fall, I love to slow down and savor all varieties of warm beverages (coffee, chamomile tea, apple cider) and a few cold ones as well (I always look forward to fall beer releases). I also spend plenty of time poring over holiday recipe collections–as soon as the weather gets crisp, I can't wait to start planning my Thanksgiving menu!

  111. In the fall, I like to go for a long walks that end in a trip to the coffee shop for a hot apple cider topped with a sprinkle of ginger. Makes for a fantastic study break.

  112. I savor the cooler temperatures that allow me to snuggle up with my family, and start making warm, comforting soups. Yum!

  113. In the fall when it is often chilly and rainy I love to savour the warm from comfort foods like soup and grilled sandwiches.

  114. In the fall you just need to stop and savor the people around you that you've been sorta neglecting because that pile of work just never got down. You go on a brisk walk and catch up with some friends you've lost touch with. You invite your closer friends over for seasonal dinner followed by a few glasses of the vino. Also reconnecting with your bed and staying in that one extra minute because it feels so good to be warm when you know its cold right outside those blankets.

  115. In San Diego, I savour the Indian Summer weather and un-crowded beaches. The tourists have all gone home leaving us to the most beautiful weather and sunsets all year. Long, uninterrupted walks on the beach with my husband. Followed by long leisurely dinners paired with wines saved for cool nights.

  116. In the fall, I find myself savoring my back patio and a fun book. Here in Texas, the weather is getting a touch cooler, and the respite from 100-degree days sends me to my backyard picnic table. It gets all the better if the temperature is a few degrees shy of my comfort zone and I have a big glass of red wine in my hand.

  117. In the fall, I love savoring the crisp air, blue skies and changing leaves. Also football. I wouldn't really call yelling at the tv all day saturday and sunday, beer in one hand and nacho chip in the other savoring, but it's my favorite thing about fall.

  118. I savour walking in park across the street with my husband on nice fall day. Just taking in the sites and enjoying the changing of the leaves. Then just sipping a little hot chocolate when we get back home.

  119. I love taking walks and enjoying the fall colors the golden aspen, listeing to the birds flying south and putting flannel sheets back on the bed.

  120. We take walks with our dogs every single night after work, no matter how cold it gets. So I really savor the moment that we come back in the house, all bundled up with red cheeks and cold fingers, and we get to warm up slowly as we make dinner together. I really love that moment – I feel good that we exercised, and at the same time I'm glad it's over so that we can be warm and comfy and…fed. Does that make sense?

  121. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the smell, the crispness of the air, the way the sunlight filters through the falling leaves. I like to savor dishes with seasonal ingredients, especially pumpkin and apple: pies, cakes, muffins, even pumpkin oatmeal.

  122. I love to eat outside (we live in South Texas, so it never gets super cold) and enjoy the cool breeze while eating fall comfort foods (stews, soups, meatloaf, etc.).

  123. I love finding new recipes to try out, watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls for far too long, carving pumpkins, raking leaves, taking road trips, and photographing everything around me.

  124. Fall is, by far, my favorite season. I really try to take the time to enjoy everything about it. The apple picking, fall baking, warm Sunday dinners and the beautiful fall leaves.

  125. I savor college football Saturdays! I grew up in a Big 10 college town and would track the progress towards winter at tailgates and in the stadium, moving from t-shirts to color-coordinated mittens and scarves as the seasons changed. Football as a kid meant yelling with the crowd even when I didn't know what a third down conversion meant and visiting the student section with any one of a dozen college-aged babysitters. As an adult it means pre-noon beers with friends, chili and still, lots of yelling (but now I know what signifies a first down). It's bliss both ways.

  126. I like to savor the cool weather (which is a perfect balance where I live – not hot, but not cold either), the beautiful fall leaves, the delicious pumpkin and cranberry treats… and, of course, everything to do with Halloween!

  127. My favorite fall day is spent outside with the family, raking leaves or picking up black walnuts, then coming in and making a thick hot soup, caldo verde or mulligatawny or (my son's favorite) lentil, while I listen to the kid practice his violin. Then we all get to sit down, tired and happy and warm, to soup and bread.

  128. apple cider – movies alone in the afternoon on cloudy days – and I buy an insane amount of candles (but I use them all fall and winter – they're not just for decoration.

  129. For me the best parts of fall are the squash and apples. Yum! I also love the cool/crisp/cleanness of the air.

  130. My favorite fall thing to do is something my family would do together when I was young. We would go out to one of the local farms, pick apples, go for a hayride, and drink lots of delicious hot apple cider.

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