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Weekend Links / Saturday, March 8th, 2014
This sun has me craving some iced green tea with honey, ginger and mint.
I’m craving some iced green tea with honey, ginger and mint. Minus the bees that came with it.

Last week’s Nerdist Writers Panel podcast featuring Bryan Fuller, the creator of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies. He tells this epic story about trying to be hired as the screenwriter for Interview with a Vampire at age 13. Loved every minute.

Jennifer Justus’s piece in TIME about “How Hot Chicken Became Nashville’s Signature Dish.”

Ron Swanson showing off his baby on last week’s Parks and Recreation (“The Wall”). Why aren’t more people watching this show? Catch it on Hulu.

If I had a Joseph Begley Slap It lamp, which “simultaneously combines the stress relieving satisfaction of slapping a bottom, with the practical application of providing light,” I’d never leave the house:

Here are 11 idiosyncratic accoutrements in Wes Anderson films. I need a 75-year plan …

Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) posts about what he’s learned as a writer.

J.K. Rowling’s plot spreadsheet. Wow.

I’ve always wondered what American English sounds like to people who don’t speak it. Here’s a Finnish woman imitating different accents using gibberish on YouTube. She starts her American one at the 1:11 mark.

Hey, Baby. Get up and dance. DANCE, I said: