And she shall be called … Soy Edamame!

Miscellaneous / Friday, April 3rd, 2009


First, a big wet thanks to all 100+ of you who so graciously entered the “Name My Niece!” competition. I can’t wait to give my sister the list of names, including favorites like Twitter, Tsunami, Rhubarbara, Yummy Sprinklina, Wisteria Flame, Dulce de Leche, Mango Orange Slurpee, Athena Starfruit, Vynilla Beanie, Daisy Croshay and Vaselina Erotica.

But the winner (selected via Random Integer Generator) is Cathy of The Tortefeasor, who offered Soy Edamame with the following explanation:

Soy Edamame, nickname Edda. Added bonus is that “Soy” = “I am” in Spanish, so name has multiple levels of meaning: “I am Edamame.”


Congratulations, Cathy! You have a $25 gift card for See’s CandiesĀ® coming your way. Just e-mail your address to me at

5 thoughts on “And she shall be called … Soy Edamame!

  1. I'm shocked and humbled. I feel like this honor is the culmination of the many, many hours that my husband and I have spent thinking up absurd baby names. To earn this distinction among many fine, distinguished entries such as Rhubarbara and Vaselina Erotica makes it particularly sweet. It also shows that if you just stick with stalking those blog giveaways, eventually the random integer generator will land on you. Best wishes to your sister!

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