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Miscellaneous / Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


Shiloh. Jermajesty. Suri. Zuma. Ickyd. Apple. Celebrities don’t give their kids names that require a last initial on the first day of school. They name them after cities and board games and pieces of fruit.

What you see at the top and bottom of this post are photos taken of an assortment of See’s Candies®. Chocolates and caramels. Brittles and buttercreams. Maples, mochas and marzipans. A variety of lovely, old-fashioned candies with a surprise inside each one.

What do these things have to do with each other? Well, I’ve mentioned before that I have six (SIX!) pregnant friends. One is my sister. A few days ago, she decided to list all of the reasons why she couldn’t name my unborn niece after me, ranging from (accidentally!) shutting her finger in a car door when we were kids to the whole banned-for-life-from-the-Waffle-House thing. Hey, I never said I was a role model. So, in lieu of giving her an Atomic Wedgie, I’m asking you to help me give her the Celebrity Baby Name Treatment.

It’s time to *NAME MY NIECE* for your chance to win a $25 gift card from See’s Candies®.

[ad name=”break”] What can you buy with a $25 gift card from See’s? How about a pound of assorted chocolates? Or a little gourmet Easter candy – like See’s chocolate bunnies, decorated eggs and jelly beans? Use the card to spoil yourself or surprise someone else.

To enter the contest, just consult your inner Gwen or Gwyneth, and come up with a name that’s truly worthy. A historical figure/spice pairing, perhaps? Or the name of your first pet plus a term used in knitting? Maybe a French word accompanied by an animal sound? Unleash your Inner Angelina!

You could even name the baby after a See’s candy. I mean, have you SEEN the See’s Peanut Butter Egg? It puts that other one to shame.


1. Established celebrity baby names will be disqualified. We need a one-of-a-kind name.

2. One entry per person. Because coming up with bad baby names can get addictive.

3. The contest officially ends Thursday at midnight (CST). Unfortunately, I can’t force my sister to use any of the names, so the winner will be randomly chosen and announced Friday at noon. Nothing makes the end of the workweek fly like deciding how to spend a gift card.

So, what’re you waiting for? Little Wynonna Cleopatra needs a real name!


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126 thoughts on “Win it! See’s Candies® $25 Gift Card

  1. Asha! After one of my favorite bloggers, fellow Berkeley alumna, and all-around kick-ass smart lady.

  2. Rebecca,

    Unfortunately, I am not creative enough to come up with an entry for your contest–I go for the basic stuff like Katherine and Grace! However, concerned about just such an occurrence when my sister had a baby, I bought a book of baby names and crossed out all the unacceptable ones before giving it to her. That's how we ended up with Sam.

  3. I just love the name Seraphina. I don't think anyone famous has this name. okay, never mind. It is taken…
    My friend has a daughter named Charlotte Rose and I love that.

  4. Girl Names…hmmmmm I just have boys, never really thought about girl names.

    I am going to go with a couple of my fav actresses…

    So the name is: Sandra Drew

  5. I've never had See's candy! Thank you for making me drool over my coffee with those pictures.

    I'm going with Delilah Caramel-Vanilla because a hyphenated middle name isn't really used enough these days. I think it has a nice ring to it.

  6. I think something with a prefix always sounds regal (e.g. D' or Le something-meaningful- to-your-family). Or, what about Coco? In law school, a friend's sister had a baby, and the poor child did not get named for days. They wanted to call the baby Coco, but were worried that it would be too common (apparently there were a lot of Cocos running around the Upper East Side in the mid-90s). If your sister lives at a safe distance from Manhattan, it might work, though.

  7. Well, I don't know if there are any celebrities named Nevaeh. It's heaven spelled backwards. Or you could go with Angé (Angel in French). Best wishes to your Sista and new baby!

  8. In honor of See's candy, what about Seesa? Seesette? Seesarina?

    I jest.

    I love Amelia and other traditional names.

  9. How about "Brindi" (Brin – dee)- different, unique, not too odd. I've never been banned from a waffle house or shut your sister's finger in a door.

  10. How fun you will have a new niece. My brother and sis in law are due any day with a girl, I can't wait!! I love being an auntie. How about Dulce de Leche??? That is a stretch but all of the celebrity names are kind of different!

  11. Bec, Cordelia Antoinette would be a lovely name. Just think how lovely she would look with that name and the beautiful clothes we are finding!

  12. No doubt. Mango Orange Slurpee Poundcake (or whatever your sister's last name is). PS. Did you see my Gwen reference there? Aaawww yeah. I am really that cool.

    [Your blog said my name "CB" was too short. But that's my alias! I feel so outed using my real name.]

  13. I think when choosing celebrity names you need to stick with three qualities; food, classical greek, or inappropriate. So, here I go:

    A girl:
    Athena Starfruit

    A boy:
    Mars Porn

    Oh, and I love See's Candy so I know you want to send me some. Or better yet, they can send me some free candy to give away. Yes? Yes? can I hear an Amen?

  14. I like Clementine. Sweet name, she already has a song (Oh My Darling Clementine), and you can do a variety of nicknames (Mimi, Tina, Ti) to avoid Clem, which sounds like phlegm.

  15. Let's see….I think I am going to go with….

    Asia Wysteria

    But only since Chewbacca and Plankton were already taken by Corey and Topenga!

  16. Soy Edamame, nickname Edda. Added bonus is that "Soy" = "I am" in Spanish, so name has multiple levels of meaning: "I am Edamame" (This is not a double entry, it's from my hubs – I asked him because he loves to pretend name babies. Throw it out if contest rules require it, though)

  17. Eden Eberle.

    (Eden because it is a sexy, beautiful name that spurs thoughts of the famous garden and all of the glorious fruits and vegetables of this earth.)

    A friend of mine used Eberle (pronounced "Eber-lee") as her baby's middle name. It is the name of a winery in Paso Robles. I loved that. It sounds Southern, but connotes a sophisticated palette! ;)

  18. How about Autumn or Spring?? My funky ones are Daisy Croshay and Ginger Pie. You're right, it's addicting :)

  19. Sochi Evreux

    Sochi is the russian resort city that will host the 2014 olympics. She'll be just old enough to understand what's going on!

    Evreux is a commune in northern france, that famously hosted a goblin severl centuries ago.

    She would be a haunted russian!

  20. Yunalesca (charactor in a video game) Kornacopea (because funky spelling + adjective = trendy) Rainbow (old-fashioned hippy love child name = traditional)
    Nickname = Yuna Korn Rainbow

  21. So I'm watching Chuck…. and they talk about that wonderful mythical place called Xanadu…. which was where Ghengis Khan lived (or his brother, or someone related to him) and Ghengis Khan's real name was Temojeh, and my favorite name right now is Bijoux. So, I'm thinking Bijoux Xanadu Temojeh, or BXT for short. I'm pretty sure this is the thought process that any starlet or wannabe starlet goes through, and then if it's a boy, you gotta add "Danger" as his middle name. This would be the correct way to make a celebrity name.

  22. Yummy Sprinklina! Yummy just because…..and Sprinklina because I was trying to think of something that was yummy……like Sprinkles Cupcakes LOL.

  23. Boy, I could list a lot of terrible names here of actual kids that I know, but I'd hate to offend their parents (not that anyone I know would be reading this, but…)

    How about Olive? I've always liked that name.

  24. Mellow Blue

    It's what I named my "flour" baby that I had to carry around for a high school class. It's stuck with me all these years.

  25. LOL, you're so funny! I don't even care if I win or not….just wanted to know if you could fill us in on the Waffle House incident? Pleeeeeeeeeease?!

  26. Zendrix.

    It's hip and cool, man. And I'm pretty sure it hasn't been used yet by the celeb group. And I adore Sees.

  27. Going along the "name the child for a city", I'd vote for Chicago, or Odessa, or Sheboygan. Definitely not going to find another kid with those names!

  28. As names cycle, and what's old becomes new, I suggest a Golden Girls inspired name for a girl:
    Sophia Rose. It's pretty and classic, and you could call her SoRo for short!
    Or, for a gent, let's go back even further and use The Odd Couple as inspiration:
    Oscar Felix. Again, classic names that aren't really in vogue anymore, but are still not likely to get you beat up on the playground. Plus, when he's a rebellious teen, he can lose the O, and just be Scar. And that's just cool.
    Hope I didn't duplicate anyone's answers. Great idea for a contest! :D

  29. Orangejello (Oar-anje-gallo), and then if the kid happens to get a little brother or sister down the road, they can be Lemonjello (Ley-mon-gallo). The mother of a set of twins in elementary school apparently had a thing for citrus-flavored gelatin treats.

  30. Fabia Sibohan – i have NO idea where i can up with that!! hope it's random enough for the randomizer 2000 though! ;)

  31. Emi Rose would be a great name for a baby, a little girl, a young lady, a grown woman, a wife,a mother, a sister, a niece, a grandmother, a friend, or a teacher. GREAT NAME!!!!

  32. I think Vynilla Beanie could go either way…or a boy could go with Vynillo Beanie…and with such a name, he/she would surely grow up to be a great pastry chef, don't you think??

  33. I am pregnant and if it's a girl we'll be calling her Imogen Evangeline. If you research the character of Shakespeare's Imogen in the play Cymbeline, her qualities are EXACTLY those I'd want my daughter to have: of royal blood but a hopeless romantic, down-to-earth leader, with perseverance. I don't mind if she uses it!

  34. Zorra (or Zorah for an alternate spelling…hope that doesn't disqualify me). I've always liked that name.

  35. Well I guess I have some practice with weird names, I have a Calliope and a Remedy. How about the name that I loved and got vetoed…Sterling!

  36. Emberley (after the artist Ed Emberley) Spring (after my favorite season!) and they sound so nice together!

  37. Well my sister just named her baby Simone Michelle! How about Sage Brianna (call her Sage Brie for short). Or Piper Marie. If I had another girl, I would name her Elizabeth Monet. Boys are harder. Gavin… Colin… Archer. How about Hercules!

    I love See's candy!

  38. I love the name Secret… I had a girl in my 5th grade class with that name. Another student was named September and they called her Ember, very cute.

  39. I was going to save this for my own daughter one day but for the cause: Taurus Aurora IV… because people respect names with roman numerals

  40. Vaselina Erotica

    I have no idea how I came up with that doozie……but now that I think about it, it would be a more appropriate name for a "lady" in the adult entertainment industry LOL.

  41. Howzabout Juniper Gin? (And the entire world breathes a sigh of relief that I have five boys and never gave birth to a girl to saddle with crazy names. I actually had Eowyn picked out all five times I was pregnant. Perhaps God did not want me to do that to a human so he gave me the five boys.)

  42. I like Waverly for a girl, my husband didn't let me use it, so tell your sister she can live my dream! Or Ezra for a boy, not from your blog, just because its a cool name and the above mentioned situation happened with that name too…either way, those names are awesome, and she'll be sticking it to a narrow minded man!

  43. Love the girl names brayden or ashlynn or kaylor I really like the idea of no middle name so that when they get married they can use their maiden name for the middle name.

  44. i know i'm too late but this was too much fun… Johnny Sparkles for a boy aaaaaand… Pomegranite Shine for a girl.

  45. Calyx Lupin. In botany, the calyx is a term for a collection of sepals. A lupin is a pretty purple flower that grows all over the freeways here in southern California. Perfect for any pseudo-intellectual celebrity new mommy. Congrats on being an Auntie!

  46. Calyx Lupin. In botany, the calyx is a term for a collection of sepals. A lupin is a pretty purple flower that grows all over the freeways here in southern California. Perfect for any pseudo-intellectual celebrity new mommy. Congrats on being an Auntie!

  47. I love the name Elly but my sister in law just had a baby and they named here Evelyn. They call her Eva or Lyn and both are cute!

  48. Larissa! Lara as a nickname… famous Russian character from Doctor Zhivago and everyone comments on how beautiful the name is… not that I would know or anything.

  49. I don't care if it's too late to win anything. This is too fun to pass up. I shall offer the baby name of "Baybe Unaus Theodore Journey".

    Baybe (notice the creative spelling choice for the actual word of "baby" to be used as a name), Unaus (oops, did I choose an oddly spelled, unique looking word, following "vowel first" trend without finding out the meaning first? That's right, Unaus means "Lazy, Sloth"), Theodore (because there's often a "normal name" hidden in the middle), and Travels (because being a celebrity life is just a journey, plus I just chose a word that is both a noun and a verb, so therefore I'm a REALLY hip celeb parent.)

    And yes, the baby shall have 4 first names; to be followed of course by the mother's last name; and the hyphenated last name of the father. (No, our little Baybe's parents are not married, I mean, WHO DOES THAT these days anyways, that is like, SO old-fashioned). Please, tell me I at least deserve Honorable Mention.

  50. PS. If you want my for real baby name choices, I'll give you Silas for a boy, because I'm about 75% sure I'll never be able to convince my SO to use it. I just LOVE that name. I'm partial to Silas, because it was my great-grandfather's name, and is my father's & little brother's middle names. I'm also a fan of Amos.

    And for a little girl, there's just too many names I love. I don't want to share my most beloved name, because I'm saving it for my little one (maybe one day), but a relative named their little girl Nadia, and I love that.

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