How to Properly Burn Your Black and White Banana Loaf

Bread, Tuesdays with Dorie / Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

1. Prep this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe – The Black and White Banana Loaf – and lovingly place it in the oven.

2. Lock the front door before you go downstairs to check on the laundry.

3. Step into the laundry room, and close the door behind you. Realize it just locked.

4. Remember the banana bread.

5. Open the garage door, and run to the neighbors’ house. Try to forget that you’re wearing a Rocky T-shirt and workout pants.

6. Arrive as the entire extended family is gathered to welcome someone home from hospice care.

7. Ask to use the phone. Realize you’re trying to call your husband during his office’s weekly production meeting.

8. Call your mother.

So, my Black and White Banana Loaf was a bust. Attractiveness-impaired and flavor-challenged. But, I did learn that I have very good, very gracious neighbors. That the Rocky T-shirt has to go. And that our new house is very, very secure.

To try the Black and White Banana Loaf, check out the recipe at Ashlee’s A Year in the Kitchen.

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57 thoughts on “How to Properly Burn Your Black and White Banana Loaf

  1. I hate getting locked out of the house… I’ve done it a couple of times myself! From what I see, your cake doesn’t look burned, so that’s a plus! :)

  2. It’s really the Rocky T-shirt that makes the story. At least next week does not involve baking.

  3. Oh, my! Your post cracked me up, although I’m sure it wasn’t funny *at the time*. You presented it so good naturedly! And your loaf looks great.

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear what happened to you, but your post really made me chuckle! And it’s good to know that your new house is secure!

  5. Sorry to giggle but.. rocky tshirt?? really? LOL. Sorry the bread burned but at least your lock works? ;)
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  6. Oh, I can hear that Rocky music now as you opened that door…LOL. It’s so good to have you back! TWD just wasn’t the same with you gone. Even burnt, the bread looks edible. Hmmm…what does that say do you suppose?

  7. Oooops! Thank goodness you don’t strip down in front of the machine so that ALL of your clothes are clean! (what?! you haven’t ever done this?!!!) Your banana loaf would have been black by the time the wash was dried!

  8. Oh, I’m laughing so hard at your despair. So sorry. I vote for not getting rid of the Rocky shirt.

  9. I have definitely locked myself out while doing laundry too many times as well so I understand! Sometimes it’s just not our day. :)

  10. What a great post! I am sorry that you got locked out of the house, and that the Rocky tee has to go. Poor Rocky. The loaf still looks pretty good, though.

  11. I’m trying hard not to laugh, but really I’m laughing with you and not at you! That’s exactly the kinda thing I’d do, so I feel for you. If it makes you feel any better, I was in the kitchen the whole time and my loaf still turned out crummy according to me (but not my taste testers)

  12. ha ha that sounds like something I would do. the loaf LOOKS good..points for enthusiasm, hehee. and i mean come on in the house, rocky’s okay.

  13. Oh no! At least the fire department didn’t have to come out, and you discovered some things in the process. Even through the loaf is burnt, you still took a nice picture of them.

  14. OK, you burnt the bread, but you made a lot of people laugh. That’s got to be worth something. And it does look awfully pretty in the photo.

  15. You made me crack up reading your blog..burnt bread and Rocky tshirt..what a day! I say you keep that will help u remember TWD and burnt banana bread! HA!

  16. Too funny! At least you got a good post out of it, though.
    I’d love to know how you get such gorgeous food photos! Can you share any tips and what type of camera you are using.

  17. Finding good neighbors has to be worth burning some banana cake. See Peabody’s post if you aren’t already convinced of that. =)

  18. You poor thing! There is nothing like feeling a little panic stricken but your swirled banana and chocolate bread looks delicious. You have nice neighbors too. . .you could still be wondering =D

  19. Hahaha that is a hysterical post! I don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune, but I really love the image of you in a Rocky T Shirt and shorts arriving during a welcome home party! :(

  20. I’m sorry this happened to you, but it was pretty funny. I was right there in the kitchen the whole time with my bread, and it still turned out crappy. At least you have a good excuse!

  21. Oh no, the one time having a secured house may be a bad thing haha Well, IMHO you didn’t miss much with this bread. At least you can’t burn the ice cream for next week.

  22. awwwww i’m sorry about your burnt loaf :( that’s dissapointing for your family, to say the least, cause it was a yummy one this week!

  23. isn’t that just the way life is some times….i am so sory. But hey- you did your best, and I sur eyou were gracious nd polite in your rocky tee and workout pants. Grace Kelly would have been proud.

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