Need a Little Christmas? Win a $200 Gift Certificate from The WEBstaurant Store!

Miscellaneous / Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Remember when we gave away that badass Waring Belgian Waffle Iron from The WEBstaurant Store, the leading restaurant equipment distributor on the web?

A few days ago, they sent this video of Steve (from The WEBstaurant Store) demoing a butane range. Wait for it to turn into The Great Gnocchi Massacre of 2010 around the 1:25 mark. Duck, Steve, duck!

They also said they wanted to do another giveaway!

An even bigger one!

So, imagine me saying in my best Oprah voice, “We’re! Giving! Away! TWO $200 gift certificates for The WEBstaurant Store!

Do you have any idea how much awesome that will buy? You could get a metal revolving cake stand and decorating supplies. A two-tray bakery display case. A 350-watt immersion blender. A stainless steel mandoline. A 12-bin children’s storage unit. A 60-piece set of tartlet molds. A lifetime supply of umbrellas for your drinks.

A swan-shaped ice mold!

Oh, YES!

Upgrade a tool you use all the time, or pick up something that will help you try something completely new.

If you’ve seen it in a restaurant, catered event or concession stand, you’ll find it here.

And since we’re giving away two gift certificates, we’re giving you two ways to enter the contest. One winner will be chosen randomly from the Comments section of this post. The second winner will be chosen randomly from the entrants on the Ezra Pound Cake Facebook page. (To double your chances in the Facebook contest, become a fan of The WEBstaurant Store’s Facebook page, and let me know about it. They do their own giveaways right on their Facebook page.)

Feel free to enter BOTH contests. You might get lucky and win both certificates! And then we’ll all rub your belly to make wishes!

To Enter:

Answer the following question in the Comments section of this post (and/or the link to this post on Facebook):

What loot would YOU buy with a $200 gift certificate?

I still love the Bakery Supplies section, but there’s so much fun stuff to be found on this site – Fiestaware, bar supplies for your next party, pots and pans, tablecloths, chalkboards for your weekly menu, popcorn boxes and tons of catering supplies. You know those Chinese take-out boxes Ina Garten is always using on “Barefoot Contessa”? They’ve got em.

So, what would you get?

The Rules:

1. Enter the contest for the first $200 gift certificate in the Comments section of this post.

2. Enter the contest for the second $200 gift certificate by replying to the link for this post on the Ezra Pound Cake Facebook page. (To double your chances, become a fan of The WEBstaurant Store on Facebook, and let me know about it.)

3. One entry per person for each contest. (You can enter the contest on Facebook for a second time if you become a fan of The WEBstaurant Store on Facebook.)

4. Enter by 1 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 23. Winners will be announced later that day.

5. Winners will be chosen randomly using

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304 thoughts on “Need a Little Christmas? Win a $200 Gift Certificate from The WEBstaurant Store!

  1. The question isn't what would I get, it's what WOULDN'T I get?! I would start with a metal cake turntable, because my plastic one is a travesty. Then I would get tons of pastry bags, piping tips, Silpats, and other fun decorating stuff.

  2. I could go into my kitchen right now and begin making my list… and it would begin with a cleaver or Japanese Nakiri Knife. For some reason lately one or the other would come in mighty handy. After that, oh my, would life be fun!

  3. Oh, gosh, so many things–glass bowls, half sheet pans, an assortment of Ateco couplers, tips, and pastry bags. I'm sure I could think of more things.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  4. Probably some heavy duty kitchen equipment I would love to have but would never buy for myself, like a meat grinder or a juicer, etc. One of those things I always think, "wow – that would be nice to have, but I don't really need it…" and secretly wish I could just get one anyway :)

  5. I would splurge on much needed replacements for my cookie sheet and muffin pan, finally get that soufflé dish and butane torch I've always wanted, and then splurge some more on some other kitchen goodies so I can try out some new recipes with more than just the extreme basics of kitchen equipment (you know, more than just pots, pans, and my two hands).

  6. There are so many great things I would love to have! I would start off with the Nickel Plated Cake Stand or the double cereal dispenser or……

  7. Where to start if I had $200…perhaps a silpat, a new proofing basket, I am in desperate need of a bakers peel and a nice dutch oven would be lovely too!!

  8. Great contest, great store and loved the channeling-Oprah-spree style of your post :D
    *crosses her fingers*
    And happy holidays!

  9. That mandoline would be sitting in my cupboard if I won. I have been longing for one, but I am too cheap to shell out the money!

  10. OH, the choices! I think I would be stuck in the bakery section, love some of the mixing bowls, always wanted silpat mats, could use some new measuring devices, etc.

  11. The first thing I would buy is a roasting pan. A good one, then if I had anything left over I'd get a 2 quart saucier

  12. Bakery, bakery, bakery…so many neat supplies! I have never invested in the little things (non-disposable piping/frosting equipment), so I'd stock up on that!

  13. I'd head directly to the bakery section and go crazy with cake pans. though those chinese take out containers sound cute too. Tahnks for hosting!

  14. So many things! I would start with one of those skimmers for getting fried food out of the pot and a good rice cooker.

  15. Probably Fiestaware for my daughter. Then give the rest to my son who actually works in the restaurant business. He would be in heaven with this!!!

  16. HAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard at that video. Poor Steve almost lost an eye!
    Well, I would buy a panini press that I have been coveting for EVER and just can't manage to pull out the wallet and buy if myself!
    OMG, that was hilarious!

  17. Oh man…a food processor? Or a blender? Or maybe plates or something boring? But probably something with a motor.

  18. definitely put prize toward replacing one of our food processors-getting to the danger phase of running without the lid on!!!

  19. OH! I would go nuts for lots of supplies for my (dreamed about) bakery. 2011 is the year I turn 40 and this would be great to help make my dream a reality!!!

  20. I would use $200 to stock up on all the little baking tool and gadgets. I am a baking & pastry major at JWU and I need to start collecting! :]

  21. Hmmmm there are so many things to choose from. I'd have to say that instead of getting one big thing, I'd probably get a bunch of little stuff. The mini cast iron serving dishes are adorable and I could also use some new crocks for French Onion soup!! I'd have a field day there.

  22. So cool! I would have to get an immersion blender, some number cookie cutters, cooling racks and spatulas.. the list is pretty endless. I'd also get some pastry bags and tips. Things I never remember to buy but always seem to need!

  23. I would get 2 big storage tubs. I buy flour and sugar in bulk and keeping them in huge bags on the ground just isn't feasible ;)

  24. Kitchen Aid Mixer, definitely! I have wanted one for some time now. It would be the perfect Christmas gift to myself!!!

  25. Definitely I would buy a really amazing knife…I really want a nice kitchen knife and this would be a wonderful opportunity!

    1. Darn it…thanks for pointing that out. That was a goof on my part. I did "Rebecca @ezrapoundcake" and FB linked to the ezrapound FB page.

  26. Wow I think I just spent an hour on that site. I'd def get some new cookies sheets, some unique sizes of cake pans, a 24-cup muffin pan… All kind of goodies on there! Thanks for the giveaway

  27. My fiancée built a wood-burning brick oven this summer. I'd buy him tools to go with it — a brush, metal peel, etc.



  28. I love the webstaurant site, i just discovered it before Thanksgiving, when doing a pie baking fundraiser. They are awesome and I sure could do ALOT with 200 smackers!ThanksRebecca!
    and I am a fan of you and webstaurant on facebook ; D

  29. Wow! It is a tough decision. I think I would have to go with a mandoline (I've been really wanting one) and then if there is anything left, check out some great bread pans and maybe a souffle dish.

  30. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Ok, an immersion blender, a flour sifter, some decent bread loaf pans, a mandoline AND cut resistant glove, a ridiculous amount of straws… Really I'd probably get overloaded on the things I want and would end up debating what to buy until my brain exploded.

  31. Hm. I think I'd go for new knives and a fancy immersion blender! Oh, and maybe some better baking pans. Modest dreams, right?

  32. I would possibly be tempted to buy my weight in Oregon Chai Latte! I would also probalby toss in a few Silpats, a cake stand, and some other fun baking tools.

  33. Ohhh I like the butane torch, because I need to burn some sugar! And I will get some cake stands, and pastry bags, and piping tips and oh boy.. I would still have money right.. then I will get some cooking pans… and, stop me now!

  34. gosh, if I won it would probably take me a week to decide what I'd want but I'm thinking right now a waffle iron and some gadgets. Oh to dream!

  35. there is so much to choose from – but some new baking supplies would be great – mine are in need of replacement!

  36. When we moved across the country we only brought what would fit in our car – I have a lot of work ahead of me to build our kitchen back up! Muffin pans, cookie sheets, a double boiler!! This would be a lifesaver.

  37. I would start by replacing all my hand-me-down cookware, especially the pot set that is painted yellow from the 70's. Deep down I wonder if it's lead-based paint but I figure ignorance is bliss. And so is!

  38. I want a TON of stuff from that website, but I would not be able to deny myself a waffle maker! Breakfast foods are my favorite!

  39. I'd start with a pizza stone for my husband since our puppy knocked ours off the grill a month or so ago and it shattered.

  40. There are so many things…cookie sheets that don't warp in the oven, new measuring cups, dessert plates, a big-ass soup pot, cookie cutters, silpats and on and on.

  41. Definitely need something to carry my goodies in! And my pastry decorating bags are seriously lacking. But there is so much stuff that I would love to get!

  42. I love the WEBstaurant store. I am a 29 year old who recently left a good, corporate job to follow my dreams. I am now a culinary student who is taking culinary arts & restaurant management now and upon graduation will then immediately re-enroll for pastry arts so that I am a cross trained chef. I am in the process now of starting my own small businesses – personal chef services and a small bakery selling my goods at local farmer's markets. A $200 gift certificate would buy me a lot of goods for my business!

  43. I would buy baking gear for my foodie son, who has been so inspired by your food blog (and the book "The Breadbaker's Apprentice)! He would probably love to have a metal cake decorating stand – it would be delightful to get to treat him!

  44. So hard to choose! Some things that look really exciting include a rice maker, new cookie sheets, cookie decorating supplies and a pie plate. It would be almost impossible to choose!

  45. This would a wonderful gift! I have never heard of webstaurant, but just checked them out! It looks wonderful!!!!!

  46. I am SO in need of supplies for my kitchen, but sadly, these days have not lended themselves well to buffin' it up! However, if I won, I would purchase new coffeemaking equipment, perhaps some kitchen hand tools, and definitely some new bakeware. Too many moves has made some of my baking tools disappear! Thanks, Rebecca, for another great giveaway!

  47. Ooh! Panini maker!

    Or, the pasta noodle maker–I would impress so many people with homemade pasta.

    A good wok would be wonderful, too.

  48. Oh my gosh that video was HILARIOUS!

    I'm with you, I'm always looking at baking items and it seems like there is something I can always use! I'd love to have a huge mixer, the one I own now is a bit small. I think it is time for an upgrade!

  49. I think I would get the Cuisinart restaurant-quality food processor. I would have to add some money to get it, but that thing must really chop!

  50. I'M leaning towards the panini grill!

    Also. I made your Bourbon Apple pie, and everyone said it was the best apple pie they've ever had. Thanks for the recipe!

  51. I would be doing some serious shopping…I have shopped web restaurant for a while now and they have EVERYTHING! There are so many things I would love to buy from their site – I'm not sure where I'd begin!

  52. a massive thing of taco seasoning so we could eat nachos for the rest of our lives. and a mandoline. and copper mixing bowls.

  53. I am currently considering buying what would turn out to be a lifetime supply of parchment paper sheets to fit my cookie sheets. For some reason I feel that having to tear a piece off of a roll is too much trouble.

  54. ooooh! i'd def start in the bakery section, but i've been dying for some of those little harp menu/card holders!!! imagine the possibilities! kristinmik at gmail

  55. I would love to have $200 to spend on kitchen stuff! And $200 that's free money – I can buy frivolous things I wouldn't ever buy with my own money. Fun! Though honestly I'd probably build up my collection of FiestaWare to replace the broken pieces…

  56. Haha, there are SO MANY COMMENTS HERE.

    But what I would get, what -I- would get…I want to say something goofy like the OPEN sign or a sneeze guard, but since I'm still starting out in the kitchen, relatively speaking, I could use some of the more practical stuff, like a roasting pan big enough to hold a rack in it (last time I roasted a chicken, I had to place the rack over and outside the biggest pan I had to catch the drips), a dozen ramekins, a pack of silpats…this all sounds very boring, but it's stuff that I need more than a spice grinder that I would LOVE but which I would use maybe twice a month.

  57. I need bread pans! And one of those neat cake pans that makes checkerboard cakes. I would definitely have cake for breakfast if it could be the checkerboard type. And a crinkle-cutter to make cute carrots for my daughter. Oh my goodness, the possibilities! :)

  58. Umumumumum… Enough cake making supplies to rule the world?? Or at least to make a super awesome cake. Or twenty. All at once. Because I could.

  59. I would get a food processor or an immersion blender because I could use one of those… but I'd be really tempted to spend it all on baking supplies like cake pans and decorating tools!

  60. Oh wow, I don't even know where to start… I'm pretty sure I'd be replacing my old cookie sheets and cake pans, and buying lots of fun wrapping and packaging items, and fun baking gadgets…

  61. I really want a mandoline (PLEASE don't make me chop any more!) and, since my husband and I came home from our trip to France last month, we have been wanting to make créme brûlée, so a torch would be really great too.

  62. I have gone through so many blenders. I would love to have a high quality professional one. Even if I have to add to the $200. Would also love to have some of those silpat sheets, a candy thermometer, a good meat thermometer and a tart pan.

  63. I love WEBstaurant! If I won, I could get a whole box of extra-large cooking bags to send to my Kenyan long-distance-project solar cooking team (which I could probably afford to ship to Kenya if I didn't have to pay for the bags). I would also get more little portion cups for sample foods at my solar cooking demos and one or more giant stainless steel bowls to turn into solar cookers. If there's anything left after that, I'm sure I'll find many other tempting items at the WEBstaurant store! (There is information on my wonderful team here:

  64. Now that i'm a fan of Ezra Pound Cake and WEBstaurant I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I win! Knives, Tables cloths, Baking Supplies Oh My!

  65. I could do a whole lot with $200. But, I would start by getting all sorts of pretty muffin/cupcake liners. i always run out of them and end up buying the ugly ones from the grocery store because it's an emergency at that point.

  66. I would love to get some more pots and pans. I nearly ruined one of mine the other night by cooking it dry after forgetting to turn the burner off. So some new sauce pans and maybe a giant skillet/fry pan for sure. And then I'd get some fun little things like some soup bowls or french onion soup crocks.

  67. I think I would try and get some bakery supplies as well. Probably use the money toward one of the professional series KitchenAid Mixers. I have wanted one for the longest time and I would really love one. It really would be the best investment towards my future bakery.

  68. Poor Steve! Poor me…I just spent a half hour drooling at their site. I became a fan of you and them…Happy Holidays

  69. Wow what an amazing giveaway!!!!!!!! There are so many things to choose from… I think I would have to get some kitchen thing for me and then some children's stuff, those storage bins would be great or we need a high chair for my mom's place… oh teh possibilities!!!

  70. The lifetime supply of paper umbrellas is tempting, but I'd choose some scoops for making beautifully uniform cookies and some new knives. It's those everyday gadgets that make cooking more fun by reducing the annoyances.

  71. Mmmm…so many options. I'd have to say, I'd buy really boring but really necessary stuff in the kitchen. My baking sheets are on their last leg, my knives are nothing to brag about (well, except my bread knife. That baby is a beautiful work of art.) and we only have one pan.

    But then, of course, I'd have to get something just for fun – waffle iron, anyone?

  72. I've been dying to have a mixer for the longest time. Every time I pass those KitchenAid mixers in the store, my heart aches because I think I will have to wait a very long time before I can buy one. So if I won, I definitely would go for this:… And I would make lots and lots of goodies for my friends and family to celebrate my obtaining of said mixer.

  73. most useful gift certificate ever. the first thing on my list is a decent knife, followed closely by 290 other things. :)

  74. I would buy: a pizza stone, a pasta machine, and an immersion blender. Three things I've been wanting for awhile, but just haven't been able to buy for myself.

  75. Definitely some boxes of parchment liners. I hate having to cut or fold rolled parchment. Also some extra measuring cups and spoons and probably mixing bowls.

  76. There are a ton of things I would love to have, but at the top of the list would be a mandoline, actually. I daydream of perfect slices.

  77. What to buy with $200? I would be able to purchase my bakery supplies that I usually get from Webstaurant Store for FREE! A great thing for an at home business!
    Webstaurant Store Rocks! They have great customer service!

  78. Something definitely in the bakery section… so many things to choose from but honestly the Belgian Waffle maker that was given away in the last drawing keeps coming to mind. Those waffles look so good and I know my family would love to gather around on a Sunday morning creating their masterpieces.

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway… and thanks to my sister Melinda for turning me on to your blog when she make her little leaf crackers which was a recipe she found here.

  79. Oh, honey, this would be a fantastic gift to use for myself and others. What a great Santa you are to offer not 1, but 2, prizes. Great site, too! One item on my list would be the Bayou Classic Double Burner Outdoor Patio Stove/ Range.

  80. What I would buy with $200,first the little wooden tool that you roll gnochhi on to make the grooves. After that it might be a little embarassing,who knows but a cooking store is ah-mazing.

  81. So many choices – I would buy some sheet pans and an immersion blender and maybe a butane torch – I love this store!

  82. More jewelry for the kitchen! Let's see — hmmmm — what do I want – oops
    And the webrestaurant site is one of my favorite wishlist sites!

  83. Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Sandwich Grill 120V (SG-811E)

    Everyone I know lovesc panini's… this might be 9 dollars extra but its worth it!

  84. Hi, Rebecca. I like the revolving metal cake stand, too, and I need a thick pizza stone (the 7/8"-inch thick looks wonderful). They also have great baking pans and restaurant-specific products like displays cases and cake covers, which would be fun.



  85. Hmm. SO MANY CHOICES. I might spring for the spice grinder, and then lots of spices and some baking/decorating supplies.

  86. I am lusting to buy their square storage containers. I hoard flour– all kinds of flour..chestnut, whole grain, almond…you name it. I have bookmarked a year's salary worth of things I'd buy. I love this place!

  87. I really need some new pots and pans. I'm desperate for a 12 inch skillet. And I am always in for new baking supplies.

  88. I would definitely buy an immersion blender! I've been wanting one forever! This is an awesome giveaway…thanks!!

  89. First I'd get the 4' mobile coat rack–the party organizing magazine articles always recommend that for neatly wrangling guests' outerwear. After that, I'd probably end up with all kinds of gadgets and treats…maybe some ramekins?

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  90. I would buy a hardcore food processor. Or maybe a new set of pots and pans. All the other little things I covet — scoring knives, bench scrapers, bannetons, etc — I can generally rationalize buying for myself. But these big-ticket items are on the "reasons to get married" list; the only way I'll ever get them is if I win them or get them off a wedding registry. ;)

  91. well, I'd start with a KitchenAid mixer, work my way towards a set of knives, browse through the tablecloths and end up somewhere in the cookware section. SO many possibilities!

  92. The immersion blender, no question, I use mine all the time, sadly it's a $10 Wal-Mart one, so needless to say, winning would be a dream come true!

  93. I would definitely buy the square, translucent food storage containers — I prefer to buy sugar, flours, etc in bulk and never have anywhere to put them!!! They would be perfect for all my supplies!!!

  94. I would buy some of those cambo containers and some scoopers for sugar, flour, and the such. I would also get some measuring . :)

  95. Fiestaware. It would be fiestaware. I love fiestaware!

    Also, if Steve wanted fried gnocchi, he could have pan fried them. His problem was in DEEP frying them! (Gnocchi "fried" in browned butter . . . . mmmmmm! heaven!)

  96. I would dive into the baking supplies: sheet pans, pizza stones, etc, etc. Gotta take care of my equpiment shortage keeping me from making more loaves at once.

  97. Even after over twenty years of living in the same house, the kitchen has no tools. When I started cooking, I began replacing my mother's awful, cheap cookware–but good pans are expensive. I have been doing this slowly, and I can now cook a meal using a good skillet, not one with half that doesn't get hot and the other half that burns food (the trick was rotating the pan)! The major problem now is that we have no decent knives. I would buy a chef's knife and a sharpener. If there were money left over, I would get a spatula that isn't broken (ours only has half a handle). Gosh, it sounds like I'm joking…I'm really not. It's sad, in our kitchen.

  98. I would totally go nuts and buy a new rolling pin, a flour sifter, a new nonstick cookie sheet, a cake keeper storage container, a stainless steel cake stand, and some different colored cupcake wrappers. I'd be like a kid in a candy store if I had $200 to spend there!!

  99. I would start out with a replacement for my sankotu knife that broke and go onward from there. Because you know, with a small kitchen i obviously need more kitchen stuff!

  100. Wow on the video. Didn't know that was possible. Like jumping beans, but with gnocchi. If I had a certificate, I think the mandoline would be an awesome choice. Also, I do love the restaurant containers that are clear plastic and have universal lids. Very handy.

  101. Wow! Great website.
    How about a set of stainless steel mixing bowls, a stainless steel cake stand and a nice blender.

  102. OH MY ! There are so many things I would get – their website is amazing (as is yours). I have a long list including bakery items, an immersion blender and some pots and pans for my brother.

  103. So many options! I would get a nice knife… no, a new casserole dish… or maybe a new baking dish or sorts… I don't know!!

  104. What a cool store. I would go crazy with supplies but would definitely increase my baking supplies. Thanks for introducing me to the store

  105. Wow what a great opportunity!! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I immediately added it to my google reader so I could follow you from here forward!! I would go hog wild in this store…I'd start with 2 half sheet pans, some disposable pastry bags, a belgian waffle maker, and so much more!!

  106. Not sure what I would get but it would involve bread making. Maybe a new mixer with a dough hook to save my poor arms and hands ;-) Thank you for all you do!

  107. I'd definitely get a bunch of disposable bakery stuff and also some serving pieces for buffett style entertaining! What a great giveaway!

  108. My girls and I have discovered (rediscovered for me) the joy of baking so I would grab all things baking related that I could (muffin tins, cookie cutters, pans, sheets, ahhhhh!!!!).

  109. I'm getting my first apartment in August and I cannot wait to start stocking a kitchen of my very own! I would use my $200 to buy every baking utensil I could so I could make delicious Chocolate Bourbon Pecan bars and Macaroni and Cheese all the day long!

  110. I would buy a big stainless stockpot, and a few other little gadgets. I need a bigger stockpot for my big family… All 9 of us! :)

  111. I am floored by the cool stuff in the bakery section. The first thing I'd get would be a chocolate shaver. Then I'd go crazy with cake pans and tart molds!

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