Just pretend she’s an apple dumpling.

Miscellaneous / Thursday, August 27th, 2009


I know, there should be a pear muffin or a watermelon cobbler up there. But She Who Bore Me has been asking WHEN, WHEN, WHEN I’m going to post a photo of my new niece, Laney Katheryn (aka Ladybug or Bug), so here she is.

When I went to my sister’s house to take the photo, I was fully prepared for your typical blotchy, chapped, slightly crusty newborn with hair in all the wrong places who gradually cutens up. But this is Laney at 3 days.

Absolutely lovely.

The sort of bewitching baby who smells like lavender and makes your ovaries quiver, and suddenly paying $25 for a pair of shoes the size of cricket seems like exactly the right thing to do.

The sort of baby who should have an animated bluebird singing on her shoulder and fairy godmothers granting her wishes, but she seems perfectly willing to make due with us.

Especially if we keep her fed.

Welcome to the world, Laney!

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22 thoughts on “Just pretend she’s an apple dumpling.

  1. I really think the bow detracts from her Dr. Phil coiffure, don"t you? As her mother I am allowed to say that. And as your sister let me again reiterate that i think she bares a striking resemblance to her favorite aunt with her doll like, but not in a creepy way, features.

    1. "Doll like, but not in a creepy way" … I'll take it.

      Laney was working the bow AND the jaundice. By the time she sprouts hair on the top of her head, she will be fierce.

  2. She is absolutely precious and I LOVE the name. It is actually one we considered and I still like a lot. And look at her perfect little lips! Congratulations!

  3. She is a knockout. What I love best about babies, even strangers' babies, is how much like puppies they are, and I mean that in the very most flattering way. Even ones a tiny as Bug want to wriggle and squirm their warm little selves around in your arms, especially when you hold them over your heart. Babies are fabulous, even the hairy ones tht cuten as time passes.

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