Wednesday Weigh-In #6

Wednesday Weigh-In, Weight Loss / Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


Week 6 Weigh-In: 2

Total Pounds Lost: 10

TEN POUNDS! Halleloojer.

This morning, I ran out and picked up my reward, a gorgeous bouquet of long-stemmed roses that were dirt cheap, because Valentine’s is forever away. (Score!) Every time I walk by, it’s like getting a high-five from the universe.

I don’t look any different yet, but I feel different. One morning last December, Jeff accidentally turned off my alarm, and I overslept until almost 11 a.m., which is kind of scary, since I don’t work in a mine. Not the mark of a future Olympian. But for the last week or so, I’ve been waking up 15 minutes before the alarm and feeling awake. Stretching, talking, ready to go. A lot of the “brain fog” has lifted, and I’ve got a lot more energy.

Something’s clicked.

I think it’s that this time, I believe I can do it – and I’m willing to work through the things that suck. Giving up sweets? NOT fun. Switching to just whole grains? That took some getting used to. And it was hard to start eating vegetables three times a day. But you get into the swing of this stuff, and one day, you’re craving those vegetables. It’s weird.

Now, it’s time to get serious about this exercise.

Baby Steps for This Week:

  1. Work out for 50 minutes a day, six days a week. Two 25-minute sessions, five 10-minute, one 50-minute, anything goes. And walking the dog still totally counts.
  2. Start a food journal. Yeah, I didn’t do that last week at all. I’ve got a mental block.
  3. Pick up some exercise pants I can wear outside without embarrassing myself. I’ve been known to live in my exercise pants, so they’re pilled, splattered with paint, and have holes in questionable places. Time to raise my game. Which obviously won’t be hard.

What’s working for you?