Wednesday Weigh-In #1: The Game Is On!

Wednesday Weigh-In / Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
From Sherlock (BBC)
From Sherlock (BBC)

Week 1 Weigh-In: -4

Total Pounds Lost: 4

Last year, I thought there were so many things I had to do before I could focus on losing weight – like reading a pile of weight loss books, taking notes, putting those notes in color-coded binders, cleaning out the fridge, cutting sugar, ordering the right running shoes, planning weeks of workouts. It was the SATs all over again.

Perfectionism – so 2013.

This year, I’m focusing on changing my habits in Wee Tiny Baby Steps. Steps that would drive Perfectionist Me berserk. But that girl can bite me, because this is actually working.

It’s about setting the bar so low that it’s almost impossible to fail.

Here are my Wee Tiny Baby Steps for next week:

1. Eat vegetables with every meal. Will a little spinach with my eggs count? Yes! Tomato sauce on my pizza? Yes! A swig of Bolthouse Green Goodness? Absolutely. I’ll be aiming for more, but any amount will get a gold star.

2. Exercise for five minutes every day. Perfectionist Me is all like, “Five minutes?! You’ll NEVER make it to the Olympics!” But it’s not about the amount of time. It’s about keeping my word to myself. Five minutes? I’ve got this.

3. Break up with orange juice. I bought it last week in a moment of weakness, when Jeff and I were both sneezy and feverish, but it’s time to let that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods go and get back to just drinking water.

How are your healthy habits coming along this year?