In Case of Emergency

Chocolate / Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


This post is sponsored by Hershey’s Spreads. Spread possibilities, y’all. 

Last month, Hershey’s asked me to come up with things to pair with their new Hershey’s Spreads. I was very thorough. The trés chic muffin tin you see above includes some of my favorites:

  • Snyder’s gluten-free pretzel sticks 
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Stacy’s Pita Chips
  • Bugles
  • Brothers-All-Natural freeze-fried bananas
  • Nature Valley granola bars (especially the Roasted Almond)
  • Clementines!
  • Popcorn chips
  • Planters NUT-rition Heart Healthy Mix
  • Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps
  • Mini caramel rice cakes

What’s not pictured? So many things – apple slices, grapes, graham crackers, sesame sticks, strawberries, vanilla wafers, toaster waffles … Ice cream! A spoon of Hershey’s Spread mashed into some vanilla ice cream, especially with some crunched-up pretzel pieces, is something you shouldn’t even try, because you’ll want it every night, until the jar runs out.

Impulse control? What is this thing you speak of?

I have no impulse control when it comes to readily available chocolate, so right now, I’ve got my Hershey’s Spread on lockdown in this handy-dandy PMS Emergency Jar. It’s a two-quart jar packed with one-serving portions of all my favorite salty snacks, along with the chocolate spread and a big, fat spatula. So, next time the moon is in the seventh house and I’m feeling a little stabby, I can fetch this jar out of its secret location and tame the Raging Pink Hulk in style.

So classy.