Another Great Week: A Prince, a King, Beemo and More

Another Great Week, Weekend Links / Saturday, July 27th, 2013
Another awesome kit from Subversive Cross Stitch.
Another awesome kit from Subversive Cross Stitch.

It’s time for another list of the stories, shows and other good stuff that made me happy this week:

1. Prince George. I like it when something happy dominates the news, but I’m sure he’d rather be called Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

2. Stephen Kingon how he spends “months and even years” writing his opening sentences. (If you’re a writer and you’ve never read his book On Writing, you really should. It’s one of my all-time favorites.)

3. The new Divine Fits single, “Ain’t That The Way.” This is the perfect summer driving-around song:

4. Reasons My Son Is Crying. A Tumblr dedicated to all the illogical reasons why children cry, like when you won’t let him lick the dog or you won’t let her eat the flyswatter.

5. Touching Strangers. In this photography series, Richard Renaldi asks total strangers to pose together, touching in some way, and then he takes their portrait. Check out these images in The New York Times or the ones in this story, which ran on the Today show.

6. “25 Pictures That Will Make You Believe in True Love.”

7. Lennon and Maisy performing “Hard Times Come Again No More,” at the Opry. These sisters’ individual voices are so unique, but when they harmonize, it’s like everything in the universe makes sense. (If they look familiar, it’s probably because they play Rayna James’ daughters on Nashville.)

8.  “The Wal-Mart Slayer.” I don’t read a ton of business articles, but this piece about how Publix is chipping away at Wal-Mart’s low prices by offering better service is fascinating.

9. This video of Bill Clinton “singing” Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” You. Know. You. Want. It.:

10. Beemo. Did I download this free Adventure Time app just to be able to tickle a cartoon robot? You bet I did.

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