Some British Desserts to Welcome the New Prince!

British, Desserts / Monday, July 22nd, 2013


The Royal Baby is here, and why not get excited? Babies are cool.

I really hope they name him Prince Austin “Danger” Powers. Or James Tiberius Kirk.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic excuse for breaking out a British (or British-inspired) dessert tonight after dinner. If you need super-simple, go with a bowl of strawberries and cream. But if you’ve got a few minutes, try one of these:

1. Eton Mess (shown above). A yummy tornado of chopped strawberries, whipped cream and broken meringue cookies for crunch. (If you’re not a strawberry person, rock some sliced bananas, your favorite berry or chopped peaches, you rebel.)

2. Peach and Blueberry Crumbles. This is what summer is supposed to taste like: warm sun-ripened fruit topped with vanilla ice cream. Way to go, Kate!


3. Lemon-Chamomile Shortbread. Sweet buttery proof that we should never have given up tea time. Just press the dough into a small pan, bake and slice.


4. Strawberry and Peach Fruit Trifle. OK, this recipe isn’t particularly quick, BUT … you could make a quickie version by picking up a small pound cake at the grocery, cutting it into cubes and layering it in glasses (or a trifle bowl) with fresh fruit and vanilla instant pudding. For extra flavor, dampen the cake cubes with rum, Grand Marnier, or kirsch – or slice the cake and spread it with something yummy (like jam, lemon curd, Nutella or Biscoff Spread) before you cube it. Or, do both! It’s a party.


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