TV Dinners: A “30 Rock” Tribute Menu

Menus, TV Dinners / Thursday, January 31st, 2013

She’s sung “Workin’ on My Night Cheese” on the couch in a Slanket, unhinged her jaw to shotgun an entire pizza and bought $150 in hot dogs to prove a point. So, there’s no better way to send off Liz Lemon and gang during the “30 Rock” series finale this Thursday night than watching the show live with some of her favorite foods. (Minus the Buffalo Chicken Shake and Sabor de Soledad cheese curls.)

1. Cheesy Blasters

When Jack Donaghy takes Liz, Tracy and Jenna to a swanky New York restaurant, you assume they’re going for steak or sushi. Oh, no. They’re going to get in touch with mainstream America by eating the “number one selling food in America outside of New York City” – Cheesy Blasters! Made of Liz’s three favorite foods: hot dogs, cheese and pizza. Thanks, Meatcat!

2. Italian Sub Sandwiches (pictured above)

We never find out what’s in those magical sandwiches the Teamsters bring the “TGS” crew on Sandwich Day.  All we know is that they’re from an unknown Italian deli, and when Liz’s goes missing, the rampage is ON:

Her world view: “I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”

Here, here, Liz.

3. Meatballs

Jack: Big night, Lemon? Let me guess, meatball sub, extra bread, bottle of NyQuil, Tivo Top Chef, a little Miss Bonnie Raitt, lights out.
Liz: No, I have something to do tonight Jack.
Jack: Then you won’t mind when I tell you that Casey gets voted off tonight.
Liz: You monster! Why are you like this?

4. Philly Cheesesteaks

When Liz’s then-boyfriend Dennis woke her up in the middle of the night to ask if she wanted sex or a cheesesteak, she chose the cheesesteak.

Liz’s true soulmate isn’t Jack or Criss; it’s sandwiches.

5. Mac-N-Cheese

Remember when Liz rage-flipped that table after someone stole her mac-n-cheese? Who couldn’t relate to that? That was awesome.

Here you go, Liz:

6. Cake or Cupcakes

Given that Liz is “so very sesual,” this lemony, sexual-napalm pound cake would be right up her alley.

Of course, you could also pick up a frozen Sara Lee Lemon Pound Cake. Our girl would not care.

 7. A Microwaved Doughnut

If it takes bravery to ‘fess up to eating five doughnuts in a day, then it’s safe to say that Liz has the heart of a warrior. A doughnut warrior.

8. And let’s not forget the Brownies.

You’re on a date with Jon Hamm, and this happens.

Oh, Liz.

High-fiving a million angels.

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