Christmas Challenge No. 19: Grab a camera, and preserve Christmas 2012 for the ages.

Advent Calendar / Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Welcome to our Online Advent Calendar series, where we’re doing 25 days of Christmas challenges to get everyone into the spirit! (Today’s video clip is a Christmas party conga line from “Mad Men.”) 

Take more photos!

After Christmas, I ALWAYS wish I’d taken more photos. They make such great blackmail material.

But I usually end up with 115 blurry photos of people opening presents and not much else. This year, I want some shots that really document Christmas 2012. Pics of the tree, the decorations, the parties, the cookies and Jeff (still) trying to straighten the star on the tree.

Some photos of my nieces and nephews when they ARRIVE on Christmas Day – not after they’re drunk on presents and wearing their breakfast.

So, today, grab your camera, and join me in documenting Christmas 2012. Get a decent shot of your Christmas tree. Photograph your house from the street or your kids trying to wrap presents. Hand off the camera to someone else so you can get a pic of you and your main squeeze hitting a holiday party.

New baby? Take some photos of those “Baby’s First” ornaments and jammies.

And, no matter how shy or self-conscious you are, promise that you’ll be game for having your picture taken OFTEN this year. Even if your hair looks crazy and you’re wearing yesterday’s jeans. Looking happy is all that really matters, and you can totally do that.

Today’s Link: “Quick-N-Dirty Tips for Taking Great Christmas Photos” (Aunt Peaches)

Selected Christmas TV:

  • Home Alone (6pm/5c, ABC Family)
  • Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas (8pm/7c, AMC)
  • Elf (8pm/7c, ABC Family)
  • Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (8pm/7c, CW)
  • A Home for the Holidays (9pm/8c, CBS)
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (10pm/9c, ABC Family)
  • Scrooged (12am/11pm, ABC Family)