Christmas Challenge No. 4: Dance by the light of the moon, like George and Mary.

Advent Calendar / Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Welcome to our Online Advent Calendar series, where we’re doing 25 days of Christmas challenges to get everyone into the spirit! (Today’s video clip is from “It’s A Wonderful Life.” ANNNND dance … by the light … of the moooooooon.)

Dance by the light of the moon, like George and Mary. 

I’m a huge fan of the Big Romantic Christmas Date they always show in the movies. The one where the new couple has this magical night, where they have all of these really meaningful conversations while they eat great food, go ice skating, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and then Richard Gere playfully snaps your hand with the jewelry box as you reach for that diamond necklace.

If you can swing it, one Big Romantic Christmas Date is highly recommended.

But spur-of-the-moment mini dates work, too.

Twelve might seem like a lot to squeeze in, but if you’re enjoying time alone with your Main Squeeze, and you’re doing anything but sleeping, it’s a date.

Meeting somewhere new for lunch? Yes.

Pizza and a Doctor Who marathon? Absolutely.

Catch a movie or some live music. Double-team putting a sweater on the dog, and go for a walk. Do some naked gift-wrapping. Find a photo booth. Cook breakfast or dinner together. Test a few Champagne cocktails to get ready for New Year’s. Have an “All-Up-Under-the-Covers” Day. Check out the Christmas lights. Find an ornament that represents something you did this year. Get a “couple’s massage,” and try not to laugh.

And if you’re single?

Make some one-on-one plans with friends, family members and people you’d like to get to know better. Grab a drink with your best friend. Take your niece to get her toenails painted Christmas Red. Or treat yourself to a massage, because time with yourself is time with a lifelong friend. Totally counts.

Today’s Link: 12 Dates of Christmas (Daniel and Marci)

Selected Christmas TV:

  • Ernest Saves Christmas (6pm/5c, Discovery Family)
  • The Polar Express (7pm/6c, ABC Family)
  • Peter Pan Live! (8pm/7c, NBC)
  • The Bishop’s Wife (8:30pm/7:30c, Hallmark)
  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol (9pm/8c, ABC Family)