Weekend Links!

Miscellaneous / Sunday, October 14th, 2012

• I just found your Halloween costume, Sexy Big Bird! (via The Week)

• Don’t you think Election Day should be a National Holiday? Let’s fix this. #takebacktuesday! (via Good)

• Maybe the most disturbing thing ever: the Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask. (via Perpetual Kid)

• 11 Essential DIY Pumpkin-Carving Hacks. Use a drill? Heck yeah, I will. (via BuzzFeed)

• Isn’t this the cutest unibrow you ever did see? Someone, please dress up your baby like Baby Frida Kahlo. (via Oh Happy Day)

• “Partysaurus Rex” (via Disney)

• I’d been wondering how shrimp and grits became the South’s signature dish. Thanks, Kathleen! (via The Charlotte Observer)

• 12 Relationship Truths I Wish I Knew 12 Years Ago (via Marc and Angel Hack Life)

• We need a Waterfall Swing. (via Yahoo! News)

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