Chocolate Eclairs

Desserts / Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Today, hundreds of Daring Bakers are posting August’s challenge: the Chocolate Eclairs found in Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé.

The challenge required making cream puff dough, pastry cream, chocolate glaze and chocolate sauce (created so seven tablespoons of sauce could be used to make the glaze); piping and baking the dough; naming a vice presidential nominee; learning the Yes Dance; and assembling the eclairs. Separately, the components aren’t difficult, but the overall process requires some coordination. Like an orgy.

[ad name=”break”]So, how are the eclairs? I think they’re a little eggy, but Jeff says he’s going to systematically eat every single one. Especially the ones with toffee bits. It’s a good thing I cut the recipe in half.

For the recipe, visit Tony Tahhan.

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47 thoughts on “Chocolate Eclairs

  1. Uh, you forgot the step where you need to hop on one foot, cluck like a chicken and simultaneously pat your head while rubbing your stomach. :)

    Seriously though, your eclairs look amazing. Anything with toffee bits is a win for me!

  2. Rebecca that is fabulous looking glaze! I’m jealous!
    Toffee bits would win my heart as well!

  3. They look great! I don’t know about tasting eggy, what with my tossed out eclairs…but they sure did *smell* eggy while baking!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought there were too many steps for a fairly simple pastry! Lovely eclairs!

  5. I think I can honestly say that there was nothing systematic about how we ate ours unless as fast as possible counts.

  6. Those look amazing! The pic is so clear! I was not a big fan of the eggy taste either. I wish I had sprinkled mine with some of my left over praline paste. Oh well will just have to make the Hazelnut Gateau again.

  7. Honestly, I think eclairs and orgies go hand in hand…I’d even let eggy eclairs into the mix. I only used about 4 eggs in mine and I think it was a good amount…I think PH could have been a little more flexible in his recipe.

  8. Wow! Your eclairs looks super yummy. I love the idea of the toffee bits on top. I just love your blog too. I’m adding you to my RSS feed pronto!

  9. mmmm toffee bits! great idea! i quartered the chocolate sauce recipe (though i guess it doesn’t hurt to have extra) great job w/the challenge! i’d like a toffee one too :)

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