Oscar Party Menus 2012

Menus / Friday, February 24th, 2012

When I set out to put together some Oscar party menus based on this year’s Best Picture nominees, I was mainly thinking about The Help. A food movie if there ever was one.

Fried chicken!

Caramel cake!

Chocolate pie…

But War Horse? Tricky. And I’m still trying to figure out The Tree of Life.

I bet Brad Pitt is, too.

Anyway, here are this year’s menus. Choose dishes inspired by your favorite movie, or mix-and-match based on what you want to put in your belly. (Or, just buy a bottle of Champagne, and take a sip every time someone says “cinema.”)


And if you need more ideas, by all means, loot the Recipe Index!

The Artist (Swanky, Old Hollywood-Style Cocktail Party)

The Descendants (A Hawaiian Throwdown)

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (A New York-Inspired Menu)

The Help (A Retro Southern Spread)

Hugo / Midnight in Paris (A French-Inspired Féte)

Moneyball (A Collection of Ballpark Favorites)

The Tree of Life (A Retro Midwestern Dinner with Vast Cosmic Consequences)

War Horse (A Menu with European Favorites, Turnips and Haystacks)

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