For Your “OMG, The Year’s Half-Over” Reboot! (July-Dec. Planner Giveaway)

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What was your big dream for this year?

Were you going to write a novel? Finish the Couch to 5K program? Read the entire Bible? Open an Etsy store? Learn Spanish?

Were you going to change jobs? Move? Save money for a new car? A down payment on a house? A boob job?

I’m not judging you.

The thing is, we’ve still got half the year left! There’s still plenty of time to get going on your dreams, if you start NOW.

And I have just the thing to help you reboot.

For the past two years, I’ve been using the My Life Matters™ Personal Planner for Women, an all-in-one planner that emphasizes making your big dreams part of your everyday life.

Before it, I’d tried leather-bound planners with refillable pages, stacks of Moleskines, websites with reminder e-mails … They all kinda worked, but I really wanted one planner that could handle EVERYTHING: to-do lists, calendars, daily and weekly schedules, grocery lists, goal-setting, home maintenance reminders, calorie-tracking, budgeting, gift ideas lists, blog planning.

I wanted something that would keep my long-term goals in front of me, because it’s just too easy to lose them while you’re trying to keep up with the daily noise of appointments, activities and assignments.

You know, life.

My Life Matters™ has all of the features of a regular planner (e.g. calendars, daily schedule pages, contact information pages), but it also asks you to list your goals at the beginning of each month, jot down your action plans and make daily progress toward developing the habits and finishing the projects that will help you achieve your goals instead of wishing you’d started earlier.

Each year’s planner is produced as a pair of heavy-duty, spiral-bound books, one covering January to June and the other covering July to December. You can order them together or separately.

So, if you’ve just realized the year’s halfway over, and you’re wishing for a reboot – it’s here!

Lifestyle Inspirations is ready to help THREE lucky EPC readers reboot their year by sending each a FREE copy of the award-winning My Life Matters™ July-December 2011 Planner!

Each My Life Matters™ Planner features:

  • Full-page monthly calendars;
  • “My Monthly Goals” lined pages, with empty check boxes placed next to each line on the list;
  • “Clear My Head” monthly pages that you can use to make notes, jot down a gratitude list, brainstorm, keep party plans all on one page, etc.;
  • Two-page monthly “My Personal Budget and Expenses” spreads for tracking your finances;
  • “My Week and Days” pages, where you can write down your overall plan for the week, as well as each day’s schedule;
  • Daily “My Health and Well-Being” sections, where you can quickly check off servings of food groups you’ve eaten and track your weight, calories, exercise and whether you’ve taken your vitamins and meds;
  • Weekly “My Days” pages, which feature a lined area under each day of the week for checklists or anything else you’d like to track on a daily basis;
  • Space where you’re asked to reflect on the last month and note what you accomplished and how you feel about your progress;
  • One portable My Well Woman Health Information insert for jotting down medical information;
  • One portable My Contacts insert to keep contact information at your fingertips;
  • An attached plastic sleeve, where you can store the included inserts, as well as coupons, photos, your printed grocery lists, YMCA class schedule, etc.

How To Enter:

Answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

What goal do you need to accomplish this year in order to feel like you ROCK?

Do you want to finish the “30 Day Shred”? Start (or finish) a college degree? Potty-train your toddler? Write a novel? Play live with a band? Start a business? Take a road trip? Plan a major event? Dye your hair a color that doesn’t exist in nature? Master pie crust? Paint your bedroom? Do something that scares you out of your mind?

This is YOUR year! Let’s go!

The Rules

1. One entry per person.

2. Enter by noon, Tuesday, June 28.

3. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Wednesday afternoon.

Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “For Your “OMG, The Year’s Half-Over” Reboot! (July-Dec. Planner Giveaway)

  1. To feel like I rock this year I would like to take some time back for myself, make my needs a priority & lose thirty of these post-children pounds that are holding me back in more ways than one.

  2. Open my dessert shop by mid September at the latest and have my second baby at the end of November/beginning of December! 2011 is a big year for me! A planner would be a wonderful addition to my life!!!

  3. I need to cook at least two new recipes per week, finish organizing my recipe collection, establish a daily routine at home (I recently quit my job), and start volunteering more. Oh, and I need to plan a trip to Tunisia!

  4. I have four goals I want to accomplish so that I don’t start 2012 with regret.
    1. I want to take a photography class to improve my DSLR skills.
    2. I want to finish the “Photoshop classroom in a book” that is sitting on my desk mocking me.
    3. I want to finish the painting that I started two months ago; it stares at me from the easel where it currently lives.
    4. I want to organize and write my third book, so I will have personal gifts for my dearest friends, a small Blurb book most likely titled “Tripping With Sharon” that chronicles the stories and joy I shared with them on our travel adventures.
    I thought 12 months was plenty of time but “tic tock” time is speeding past.
    This planner looks like a possible way to keep me focused and organized.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  5. My goal this year was to finish writing a novel. I have so many half starts and ideas but never finish because I let life get in the way. That is my goal to make 2011 stand out as a banner year!

  6. Those are great planners! My goal for the rest of the year is to begin exercising on a more regular basis, i.e more than never!

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