Name Our Next Movie or TV Party Menu! (Plus a Pepperidge Farm Giveaway)

Miscellaneous / Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Pepperidge Farm Rolls

This post is brought to you in part by Pepperidge Farm, makers of the Stone Baked Artisan Rolls you see above. They encourage you to look for ways to elevate your meal experiences and take them from ordinary to extraordinary.

OK, this is serious.

Every summer, we have a great time putting together a premiere party menu for “Mad Men.” But it’s not coming back in July. It’s coming back in 2012.


What other movie or TV premiere this summer deserves its own menu? Would you like to see …

  • A kid-friendly feast celebrating the last Harry Potter movie?
  • A gothic Southern spread for the return of True Blood?
  • Mojitos and Cuban party food for Burn Notice?
  • Themed menus for Game of Thrones, Torchwood or Jersey Shore?
  • Snacks to accompany your annual “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” marathon?

In return for your help, we’re giving away one Pepperidge Farm “Easy Entertaining” gift pack, including a baking dish, apron and Pepperidge Farm coupons!

To enter, answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

What summer movie or TV event deserves its own menu?

(If you need help, click here for a list of movies coming out this summer, or click here for a list of summer TV premieres.)

The Rules

1. One entry per person.

2. Enter by noon on Thursday, June 9.

3. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Thursday.

Good luck!

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94 thoughts on “Name Our Next Movie or TV Party Menu! (Plus a Pepperidge Farm Giveaway)

  1. ooh i’m digging camelot and game of thrones. i’m not sure if they are premiering again this year but i think those menus would be fun. harry potter would be pretty easy but totally fun! big bang theory gives you a lot to play around with (thai food or scientific based/shaped foods). my ultimate vote is for harry potter though.. i’m already mentally preparing. :)

    1. All great suggestions! We've got to catch up with Game of Thrones. Jason Momoa brings the hotness.

  2. You could follow a school's out theme and pack special lunch boxes in honor of the June 24th release of "Bad Teacher."

    1. Oh, fun! I might have to go see that movie. Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake always crack me up.

  3. No Mad Men?! This is terrible news. How about a murder-themed dinner for Dexter? Could be fun and gory.

    1. It's a travesty! But I love the Dexter idea. There's always blood sausage and blood oranges…

  4. I <3 True Blood so much! Plus great Southern food… I'd definitely have a premier party for that one. And if you do, you'd have to serve a blood-looking pomegranate or raspberry/blackberry cocktail along with the traditional Southern fare.

    1. I've got to see True Blood! This sounds like a really fun menu to dream up.

      Didn't they have gelato?

  5. Do they *have* to be new release/premieres? I've always wanted to do a Godfather-themed party. Can't you imagine an Italian summer wedding party? Or a Big Night dinner? None of the current options are terribly exciting to me.

    No need to enter me in the giveaway (since I clearly can't play by the current release rules!). Just tossing in my opinionated two cents :-)

    1. Oh, wouldn't a Godfather menu be FUN? I think either AMC or USA shows it basically non-stop every July.

      I also think a menu for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof would be fun, but I keep talking to people who've never seen it! Tragic.

  6. I went to see bridesmaids and loved it! I think averaging shower themed movie party would be a lot of fun!

  7. How about celebrating the return of Treme with a New Orleans themed menu? I'm tasting crawfish, po'boys, drinks and best of all dessert! What do you think?

    1. Ohhhhhh, now we're talking. I love, love, love New Orleans.

      We're one episode into season 5 of The Wire, so we haven't switched to Treme yet. Love The Bunk.

  8. Harry Potter! There are so many different foods listed in the books. I tried my hand at a treacle tart a few months ago and it turned out really delicious!

    1. That's right, there are always the school feasts and everything Mrs. Weasley cooks in the books. So, you liked the treacle tart? I've never tried one!

    1. I keep hearing that people are doing viewing parties. What would you serve – vampire things or foods from the show?

  9. Pretty Little Liars! It's the only show I watch that has a summer premiere, but I'm sure a high-school-themed dinner would go…okay.

    1. Hmmmm. Are these poor-little-rich-girl teens? I always get it confused with that show on E! about the Neiers sisters.

      1. No, this is a mystery series on ABC family, based on a series of books by the same name. There is a group of girls in high school, one of them is killed, and the others try to find out who did it.

  10. The Closer's new seaso premieres this summer. I love the show. A party to celebrate the new season could be fun. You would have to focus on southern cooking for Kyra Sedgwick's charachter. It is based in LA so you could also add some California cuisine.

    1. I love The Closer! It always makes me laugh when Brenda's mom visits and makes enough food to feed the station. That could be really fun.

  11. Captain America – 7/22 – An All-American summer themed party – Fire up the grill and do hot dogs and hamburgers. Make potato salad, slaw, other traditional cold salads. Deviled eggs. Apple pie and homemade ice cream for desert. Serve ice cold American lagers, mint juleps, and Coca-Cola in glass bottles. Everybody has to wear the American flag in some manner. Award to the gaudiest display.

  12. Would love a kid-friendly one like Harry Potter or Cars 2. That'd be a fun thing to plan mid-summer!

  13. A couple of fun color-themed menus to go along with Green Lantern or The Smurfs. But how fun would a Cowboys and Aliens night be?! Western burgers, chili and cornbread, along side Astronaut ice cream, green kool-aid and rocket-ship sugar cookies!

    1. Cowboys and Aliens! I loved that preview. Oh, you're right, that could lead to a killer-crazy menu.

  14. I was thinking Burn Notice before you even brought it up… What would Michael Weston eat? Other than yogurt. :)

  15. Do a Conan the Barbarian menu! You can include giant turkey drumsticks, T-bone steaks and big pitchers of beer!

  16. I'm a fan of "The Closer"….and I think its also the last season this summer. So a themed menu for its premiering plus saying goodbye would be great! I know lots of my friends watch it!
    Have to say…though I don't watch the show (I read the books)….seeing a menu for True Blood would be fun!

    1. I love The Closer, too. How can they keep going without Brenda Lee?

      I think everyone's talked me into giving True Blood a try.

  17. Definitely Harry Potter! Hands down. It's the very LAST one, so I think that calls for something special. :)

  18. Oh, that is a hard one….I think I will go with The Closer, but I think Burn Notice would be good too.

  19. WEEDS! Its the perfect show to make and eat food :) Go Soccer Moms that marry gangster daddies!

  20. Ooh, I add a nomination for Futurama. Some seriously bright colored and futuristic-looking food. And pizza! :)

  21. What a fun idea! I watch WAY too much TV…but I'm looking forward to checking out the new show Expedition Impossible. I always love a little Burn Notice too.

  22. Tennessee Williams was famous for his opulent, long Southern dinners. My vote is for the Southern Gothic spread for the movie The Help.

  23. Definitely True Blood! That show is fantastic! And there's so many cool food things you could do for a premiere party.

  24. Well, because it's the final Harry Potter, that's my vote. All sorts of things you could do…making your own jelly beans?

  25. I’m going to vote for Harry Potter because it is going to be the very last one and should go out with a bang. I think that some very traditional English fare jazzed up with a wizardly touch and washed down with butter beer and a lot of tongue-in-cheek would be lots of fun.

  26. …lots of choices, but I would have to go with a "family/kid" movie since kids need to enjoy their summers off (while they last)…I think Kung Fu panda would be great to do an Asian-themed dinner or even the Zookeeper would be fun to do – but I think the most anticipated movie for the little ones would be Cars 2.

  27. Ohhh, as an elementary teacher I would love to do something around Mr. Potter's Penguins. I'm thinking lots of cold food… ice cream can never go wrong. Plus lots of goldfish crackers. :-)

  28. Godfather!!! Capresse salad with bread cubes and Italian ham, iced espresso and tiramisu.

  29. I am thinking Mr. Popper's Penguins. You could do something like tuxedo stuffed strawberries dipped in chocolate.

  30. oh my goodness, what a hard decision you have on your hands. I'm glad I'm not you :S
    I love all three of the first ideas: HP, def. needs a big bang since it is the final one, I'm reading the True Blood book series right now and that just sounds like soo much fun, and who doesn't love Burn Notice with the yogurt?!?!

    If I have to vote though I'm going to say Torchwood. I didn't even know that it was back on until this post. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

    Good luck with your decision (or you could just do them all ;)

  31. Personally, I am a huge fan of the show weeds! If you have not seen it yet, you need to watch it! Although, not sure how you would legally theme that dinner party! :-)
    Other personal favorites, Harry Potter kid theme…come on its the last Harry Potter!! Or Jersey Shore could be super duper fun to dress up for! Have fun!! Great idea, I might have to steal it!

  32. How about a sweet, but sinful chocolate dessert(s) menu for the second season premier of Pretty Little Liars.

  33. My friends and I would be all over a spread for True Blood! Unfortunately, no one I know this year has HBO, so we'll have to watch it some other way, but yes! Please! True Blood!

    And if not that, my second choice would be Harry Potter. The books defined my childhood (I am now a young adult), and though I haven't been as big a fans of the movies, it would be nice to have a Harry Potter party to celebrate the last film.

  34. What about Hangover 2? Lot's of greasy and sugary food with maybe a dark green salad for antioxidants and vitamins. Don't forget a side of aspirin.

  35. Oh, so fun!! I would have a Smurf release party and decorate everything blue! Yummy cupcakes with blue frosting, homemade blue ice cream, blue punch, blueberry soup…all that jazz.

  36. I like Harry Potter because I think the menu could be interesting, but what about the new movie Captain America? It looks pretty good!

  37. True Blood comes back this summer. You could celebrate with some good Cajun food or just serve up some Bloody Marys!

  38. I really ant to make a menu for the last Harry Potter movie. I want o make some of the foods featured in the books to celebrate the end of the films. i already have a recipe for "rock cakes" and I'm sure it will be easy to come up with one for pumpkin pastries. Cream soda for "Butter beer" and the Jelly Bellies Every flavour Beans and it's a hit!

  39. True Blood, most def. The show is kinda terrible, but I can’t stop watching it! A groups of friends and I always get together and watch it over food, so a menu would be amazing to see!

  40. I’m obsessed with True Blod and I think you could come up with some fun dishes! So that is my pick :)

  41. I'm going with the first commenter's idea (good one!) and voting for a Big Bang Theory party! Would be fun, nerd it up, haha

  42. I don't watch much TV…however, The Walking Dead returns in October and I couldn't be more excited!! How gruesome and fun would a zombie menu be? Kinda gross… lots of rare foods. Maybe not hehe If thats too much, I'd say the end of Harry Potter deserves a huge going away party, complete with a bewitching menu!

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