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Miscellaneous / Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Here’s my new niece, Riley Eve.

The last time we talked, I was heading to Clarksville to take care of my nephews and 18-month-old niece while my sister was in the hospital birthing this baby. I had this fantasy that while I was there, I could still cook and blog and live like a normal person. But just as my car pulled into their driveway, Laney hit the Climbing Stage. That joyous time when every time you blink, your favorite toddler is making her way up something dangerous. The piano. The roof. The nearest water tower.

So, did I cook anything interesting? No. I survived on things I could eat with one hand while not blinking. And, apparently, I taught Laney a new word.


Anyway, to celebrate Riley’s birth, we’re having a Sugar & Spice Giveaway!

The winner will receive:

One Spice Islands Gift Box (pictured below), including 1.9-ounce containers of Saigon cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, as well as a 5-ounce grinder of sea salt, a 2-ounce bottle of pure vanilla extract and a wood whisk. (Spice Islands gave me a bottle of their pure vanilla, and it’s nice. You get the flavor of Madagascar vanilla beans without the corn syrup that some brands use.)

•AND a Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates Gift Bag (pictured below), featuring a 4.4-ounce box of Guylian original seashell Belgian truffles and a 4.4-ounce box of Guylian Temptations in original praline. (Guylian sent me samples of their chocolates, and even if you OD’d on Valentine’s Day, you need to try these. The chocolate seashells are marbled with milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates made with cocoa butter, so they melt in your mouth. The praline is a blend of chocolate and hazelnuts. If you have a private stash of good things, that’s where these belong.)

To enter the Sugar & Spice Giveaway, let me know …

What’s your favorite 5-minute meal?

What do you eat when you have no time to eat? Do you have a go-to sandwich? Maybe something packaged? Or something magical? What do you eat when you have to hit it and quit it? Because I’m going back to see the kids on Thursday, and Laney’s learned how to stack her diapers to make stairs.


Official Contest Rules:

1. One entry per person. You must live in the U.S.

2. Enter the contest by 5 p.m. CST, Saturday, Feb. 19. The winner will be contacted by 7 p.m. that night and announced on Sunday, Feb. 20.

3. The winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org.

OK, go!

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352 thoughts on ““Sugar & Spice” Giveaway

  1. My favorite five minute meal of the moment: almond butter and strawberry jam on a toasted English muffin! YUM! Thanks for another great contest! :)

  2. My favorite 5-minute meal might not appeal to everyone, but I love it! I take a tortilla & put a decent amount of Rondele Garlic & Herb cheese spread & then pile on yellow bell peppers, black olives & whatever else is hanging out in the fridge. It's quick but flavorful & I think it's yummy. =)

  3. soft scrambled eggs on toast, or a bagel or an english muffin. if i'm feeling fancy, i'll even snip on some chives. :D

  4. Haha too funny–kids are crazy, aren't they? My favorite was when my husband accidentally taught my son to say "sexy sexy". Definitely a "cwap" moment.

    My go to meal is a sandwich made with whole wheat bread, turkey, mashed avocado, & sunflower seeds. And if I have extra time, I toss one of those bags of microwave veggies in the mix!

    Amy's Cooking Adventures

  5. Smoothies, layered in the glass with rice krispies or kix or something for a bit of crunch.
    Congrats on the new niece!

  6. My favorite 5 minute meal is a bite of a sweet leftover dessert from the freezer. But every now and then I'm a tad more virtuous and I'll grab a bit of cheese instead.

  7. white bean bruschetta! I make it for lunch all the time when people drop by unexpectedly. It probably takes less than 5 minutes. 1 can white beans, mixed with 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp balsamic vinaiger, 1 tbsp chopped black olives (I always have a can on hand), a pinch or two of rosemary and/or thyme and salt and pepper to taste. Mix and serve on toasted bread slices (toasting probably takes the most time)

  8. Usually a veggie burger on Arnold's Sandwich Thin or English Muffin, and a laughing cow cheese wedge or some hummus slathered on.

  9. Pop 2 slices of double-fiber bread in the toaster. While that's toasting, heat up 2 slices of turkey lunchmeat in a skillet and slap on a slice of fat free cheese. When the toast is done, put it all together with mustard, lettuce and a slice of tomato.

    I love this sandwich because it's quick to make and the double-fiber bread makes me feel like it's healthy. ☺

  10. My go-to wrap is a wheat tortilla with dried cranberries, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, pre-cooked chicken strips (or slices), baby spinach, and raspberry vinaigrette. It also makes an excellent salad :-D

  11. open faced fried egg over hard on toast (usually rye pumpernickel swirl) with fresh ground pepperconr blend, sea salt, and a healthy drizzle of garlic & herb olive oil

  12. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I throw the sandwich on the george foreman grill so there's no need to flip it. Put the soup in a travel mug and you're good to go!

  13. Any kind of bread toasted (i prefer sourdough english muffin though), light onion & chive cream cheese and slices of turkey. Have some celery sticks or some baby carrots with it and you've got yourself a quick, decent meal!

  14. If I'm running short on time in the morning [gotta get two kids dressed, myself AND eat?!] I just pop waffles in the toaster oven for the both of them and hand them to them as we're running out the door.

  15. I'm going to reveal that I'm the bad person who keeps frozen chicken patties in her freezer for a reason – heat, insert into bread, top with cheese. Meal.

  16. What a cutie :o) Favorite 5 minute meal? A over-easy egg on an english muffin with a slice of cheese. Quick and satisfying!

  17. What a cutie! My favorite 5 minute meal? An over-easy egg on an English muffin with a smidge of mayo and a slice of cheese. Satisfying and quick!

  18. Quesadillas in whatever form sounds good at the moment. Always cheese, always grilled, sometimes beans, veggies, salsa, sour cream. Quick, easy, and very one-handable

  19. Love Riley's pic – precious!!! Remember what my mother always used to tell me: "Language is caught, not taught"! ;) For a 5-minute meal, I do Ruby Tuesday's drive-through ;)

  20. Fried Egg Sandwich! One Fried Egg, One slice of Cheese, ham if you have it and 2 slices of bread… I'm getting hungry now!

  21. This made me laugh because I have 18-month-old twins and know well the reality of eating things with one hand while not blinking, or forgoing dinner altogether after the girls have been fed and safely accompanied through another day of exploring the laws of gravity.

    My go-to 5-minute meal right now is a fried egg on whole-grain toast. If I have the energy I will eat a piece of fruit, too, like a mineola, to try to keep some minimal phytonutrients coming in.

    Congratulations on your niece, and your sister is lucky to have you. I wouldn't have made it without both of mine.

  22. I like to a little diced onion with some canned chicken, cream cheese, and chile powder and grill up a quesadilla. Soooo good!

  23. Granola and yogurt. Keeps me going and if I can't sit still, it will wait patiently for me and not get too soggy.

  24. If I'm packing lunch for work and running late (or simply still too sleepy), a PB&J is on the menu, but I do try to mix in fun J's like boysenberry, lingonberry and peach cobbler (from our local farmer's market). If I need a quick snack for study/puttering around the house, it's cheddar and saltines all the way, preferably with some good Dijon mustard and stacked in layers. Yum.

  25. Lately it has been Campbell new YELLOW tomato soup made with milk, not water and a big ol honking grilled cheese!!!!!!!

  26. Fried egg sandwich–preferably with bacon if there's any in the fridge left from a previous meal. (Though "leftover bacon" is kinda like "leftover wine.")

  27. Congratulations!!

    I love making pita bread/bagel/english muffin/whatever type of sturdy bread item is around pizzas with salsa as the pizza sauce and pepperonis. I always seem to have salsa, cheese and pepperoni for some reason…

  28. Tilapia. I buy it in bulk at Costco and portion and freeze the fillets. When I need a super quick dinner, I pull out however many pieces of fish I need, dust them generously with cajun seasoning, and cook it straight from frozen. Just this week I popped the fillets on some extra hamburger buns with a homemade tartar sauce I mixed while the fish was cooking. My husband and son had a slice of cheese on their sandwiches. The fish cooks great straight from the freezer, and is small enough that it doesn't take much more than five minutes to cook through. Even less if it's already thawed.

  29. I take a tortilla, fill it with shredded cheddar, wrap it up and nuke for 1 minute.

    It is great.

    I call them 'cheesies"

  30. My favorite 5 minute meal has to be the curry spiced noodle packages that I buy in the dozens from an Indian Market in Saratoga, California called Cash and Carry. They are so good, and even better with a dash of soy sauce and vietnamese hot sauce called Sriracha.

  31. Congrats on your niece. :)

    I love a slice of toast with peanut butter spread on it while it's still warm when I have no time.

    Great giveaway!

  32. For myself or my daughter is fast french toast. I crack two eggs in a bowl, a large splash of milk, a quick splash of vanilla, a pinch of salt and a glog of maple syrup. Quick whisk it with a fork, soak a couple of slices of bread in it and fry them up in a nonstick pan. This takes the same amount of time for me as cooking an egg and placing it on toast only it is all stuck together so I can really eat it one handed. (My two year old LOVES it! She thinks it is bread, but still gets the protein from the egg) Also great to make a large batch and keep in the freezer. Just toast and go!

  33. My 5 minute meal is always grilled cheese and tomato sandwich…and if I have a can of tuna, splat it in there with some hot pepper seeds, salt pepper, and garlic salt. DONE, and delicious!!

  34. Congratulations on the new niece! I have an active 14 month old and another baby on the way. Our favorite quick meals are cereal or quesadillas!

  35. Scrambled eggs with cheese (always) and whatever veggies I have in the fridge (or leftovers).

    Riley Eve is adorable! Congrats to your family!

  36. When we need a meal, STAT, I like making French toast grilled cheeses. You butter the insides of two slices of bread, put a few slices of cheese in there…and then soak the whole thing in a beaten egg and milk mixture before throwing it on the frying pan. It's delicious.

    And my roommate, who's still a beginner in the kitchen, made ramen for us once.

    Just once.

    (Luckily, he's pretty willing to eat what I cook him!)

  37. Sadly, my favorite 5-minute meal are these little frozen bean and cheese burritos that I've loved since I was 12. They're reasonably low fat and low calorie and they're delicious, so it's about the best processed food I could hope for!

  38. Congratulations! On surviving, for one, and the new niece, for two.
    My favorite quick fix: Hummus on a tortilla (tomato or spinach if I want to make it look "fancy") and baby spinach rolled up. If I've planned ahead, throw some precooked shredded chicken in there. If you have 7 minutes rather than 5 – grill it. Presto-bammo! Good luck!

  39. In five minutes…a small scoop of bagged lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, and a few cubes of feta. Sometimes, if time permits a cut up cucumber.

    Congrats on the niece and thanks for the funny stories!

  40. I'm a fruit grabbing kind of gal: An apple, a banana, or a few clementines. And sometimes a cookie, just to keep it really ridiculously healthy. :)

    Your new niece is precious!

  41. If i have time to cook an egg I'll make an egg sandwich with cheese and a toasted english muffin. If even that is too much time my old standby is a toasted PB&J. Or even a bowl of cereal, or yogurt, give me a string cheese and that will help too.

  42. My favorite 5 minute meal is a quick spinach salad. I just dump some pre-washed baby spinach in a bowl with whatever sounds good -lately it's been craisins, pecans and gorgonzola cheese. I toss it with some balsamic vinaigrette and I'm good to go!

  43. whatever it is, it's got to fit in a wrap so there are no dishes to wash. last week it was scrambled eggs + cream cheese, slices of yellow pepper and spinach on a flax tortilla. sometimes it's sprouts, avocado, cream cheese and maybe or maybe not egg in a wrap. i rarely have as much success with my 3 year old as i do when i roll her dinner up so she can eat it with her hands. also, there are no crusts to cut off! i add more if i have more time, and less if i have less.

  44. Hummus wrap. I get a ww tortilla, slather on hummus and add whatever veggies I can quickly find, salt & pepper it, and then microwave it for 1 minute. Filling, healthy, easy, fast.

  45. PNB and Nutella on two Hob Nobs. PNB on one flat side – Nutella on the other flat side. Sandwich together and have with milk. It is delicious and the Hob Nobs are somewhat healthy! It keeps the hunger away for a good long time.

  46. Awesome giveaway!! :) My favorite 5 minute meal is pb & j on multigrain toast (the toastiness makes it so much better than cold bread!!) and a tangerine or some berries.

  47. Being a farmer, it is eggs, eggs, eggs. It takes no time to heat my omelet pan, whip up some pasture-raised eggs and get an omelet together. Large amt of raw butter, some TJ peppers and onions, some leftover cheese and it is a feast in no time. Quiche takes just a bit longer…

    That is one BEAUTIFUL baby! My first grand baby is due in April!

  48. I've become a big fan of a piece of whole wheat bread, spread with peanut butter and drizzled with honey. Keeps me full for longer than I would expect. Good luck with your next babysitting endeavor. The kiddos keep you on your toes!

  49. I've been into open-faced fried egg sandwiches when I need something yummy and quick. I like experimenting with different cheese on it as well.

    Congrats to your family!

  50. A quickly thrown together salad- especially when I have some leftover couscous or another grain to toss in, OR a wheat bagel with either PB or cream cheese and tomato slices.

  51. Oh Riley is sooo cute!! My favorite go to quick meal…grilled cheese. Just plain old American cheese, honey wheat bread, a little butter ( o.k. maybe a lot of butter) and if I have time, tomato soup. Makes me feel like a kid again.

  52. On Sundays, I cook pasta (Tofu/Shirataki) Add Salsa and put in reclosable sandwich bags.
    When on the run, a quickie in the microwave, I have healthy nutricious meal. About 40 calories.

  53. Ohhh, adorable little baby!!! Congrats to you and your sister!!

    My favorite quick food to eat standing up with one hand is half a bagel with almond butter. If I get to sit down and actually use a utensil, I'll go with yogurt and blueberries. Or Girl Scout Cookies. :o)

  54. Congratulations!
    For something quick and fresh I love some pre-washed lettuce/greens, topped with strawberries, almonds, and poppyseed dressing.

  55. Trader Joe's frozen potstickers or a bagel. I'm nothing if not cosmopolitan. PS She's beautiful. Isn't aunthood the best?

  56. Nutella on whole grain bread – either toasted, or as a sandwich. Add some sliced bananas or strawberries to lessen the guilt a little… LOL

  57. I either throw frozen fruit and yogurt and juice in a blender and have a smoothie – it's quick and the combinations are infinite – or I spread cream cheese and hot pepper jam on Stoned Wheat Thins.

  58. usually I go for cereal, but cheese quesadillas are good too. Tonight I reheated some steak I had in the fridge and threw it in a tortilla shell…yum!

  59. Oh dear. I hate to admit it, but I'll have a bowl of cereal and a banana smeared with peanut butter…for dinner. I really like cereal…and peanut butter. :-)

  60. Paninis! I look in the fridge and find any meat and cheese to melt together in heavenly gooey-ness!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  61. My go to meal would be – Bread Omlette! Somehow I never tire of this combo, some veggies thrown in an Indian style omlette, sandwiched between butter toasted bread, yum!!!

  62. Scrambled egg on toast, with cheese and bacon. I usually cook a whole pound of bacon and then freeze it. I pull out a piece to add to the toast with cheese and in 2 minutes in the little oven it is crisp. Congrats on your niece!! ^_^

  63. Angel hair pasta with whatever I can find to put on it: olive oil, basil, tomatoes, cheese, bacon, veggies, etc.

  64. Greek yogurt with toasted flaxseed and a drizzle of honey, or open-faced sandwiches with gouda and cucumbers. Or, uh, if it's tonight and that's all too much effort, a leftover molten chocolate lava cake from v-day with some ice cream. ::ahem::

  65. Peanut butter & banana sandwich on whole wheat–if I want to kick it up a notch I add a little bit of Nutella! Your niece is beautiful!

  66. layer tortilla chips with black beans and cheese. toss in the microwave until cheese melts. Eat with some YUMMY salsa, sour cream or add jalapenos. Quick and easy and can be done with a baby on your hip and another at your feet :) I should know!

  67. Cute Baby!! Missed you & your blog posts…especially Meatless Mondays….I have printed out & made many of your delicious receipes!!! Thanks

  68. We make "quick and dirty" chili: a can of Hormel Chili No Beans, a can of chili beans, a can of black beans, salsa and plenty of Cholula hot sauce. Top it with cheese (and sour cream in my case), and tortilla chips to dip!

  69. I am a pro at making and eating something quick and fast. The main reason for this is the fact that I have a 3 year old and an "almost" 2 year old! I love toast with butter, peanut butter, and jam served open face for breakfast. I pop a potato in the microwave for 5 minutes top it with butter, sour cream, and bacon bits for a quick lunch or dinner!

  70. My go to 5 minute breakfast most mornings is simple… chop up an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and a little sugar (or maple syrup). Mix up and nook in the microwave for about 1 minute. Top with choice of cereal, granola, coconut, almond butter, Greek yogurt, etc. The toppings are endless. I love the contrast of warm and soft apples, with crunchy cereal, creamy nut butter and the tangy-ness of Greek yogurt!

  71. My 5-minute dinner is a turkey panini. I spread basil on my bread and add turkey, swiss, lettuce, red onion, and cucumber and then I panini it! It's still a sandwich, but it's hot…. so that's makes a sandwich OK for dinner!!! We always have a bowl of fresh pineapple with this meal.

  72. That Rondele cheese /veggie sounds good, but my 5 minute wonder is MUCH less sophisticated – Campbell's tomato soup and whole wheat toast.

  73. With three picky eaters and a busy schedule, our 5 minute meal is breakfast for dinner…that could be fried egg sandwiches, english muffins and peanut butter or a bowl of cereal. It saves the day most times!

  74. This might sound silly, but when I had a job (I had to give it up recently due to my student teaching), I had a Friday 5pm-9pm shift I had to do, and since I didn't have much time beforehand, around 4:20 I made mashed potatoes, and then I'd proceed to eat them while standing in my kitchen, the bowl cradled in my arm.

    So yeah, either mashed potatoes or really simple quesadillas.

  75. When my first was born, I survived on tortilla chips. I began to get cracks at the corners of my mouth from the salt. She didn't sleep through the night til she was 5! Cwap!

  76. A simple down home grilled cheese just like mama used to make! As luck would have it I just made one last night! Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. The best five-minute meal is peanut butter and crackers with an apple. I have a new grandson that is three weeks old, cute!!!

  78. My go-to quick dinner is a whole wheat soft tortilla with black beans, a sprinkle of cumin and tons of salsa. Done!

  79. Beautiful baby! Great post- it made me smile!! My five minute meal generally involves flour tortillas: roll up with meat, cheese and lettuce for a quick wrap or leave it flat, cover with cheese and pop in the microwave- eat with avocado and salsa.

  80. A quick egg omelet, usually with sharp cheese and salsa in the middle. Delicious.

    Love, loved your recap of your nephews and niece. I can picture little Laney, because our youngest son (now 21) used to be a climber. When he started to climb the furniture, using the knobs to further himself to the top, I knew it would be constant watching. Tiring but also entertaining. Watch those diaper stacks, they fall easily. Cwap. (you're very funny!)

  81. Bed of lettuce topped with pre-cooked chicken – dried cherries – pine nuts – shredded asiago – with strawberry or raspberry vinaigrette. Welcome baby Riley!

  82. Quesadila or Panini with any leftovers in the refrig – could be zuchinni/corn/chicken/beans/ushrooms or anything other vegie plus some cheese – its fast/different everytime & delicious.

  83. Sancwiches made with leftover rotisserie chicken with a few dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and sliced green onions, or cereal, or popcorn and fresh oranges

  84. Hummus and something crunchy to dip in it: pita wedges or veges are great.

    My fifth child's favorite thing to climb in was the dishwasher. She could hear that open from 3 rooms away. I never got more than one or two things in at a time before having to close the door again to avoid having her climb in and "unload" all of my breakable dishes onto the kitchen floor. Good luck this week!

  85. Nothing can beat a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwhich…but I mix up the cheese a bit, sometimes throw something like bacon or avacado on there. YUM!

  86. Breakfast for dinner, of course! I love making a super quick omlet for dinner when I barely have any time.

  87. I am with Holly H. A fried egg sandwich is the best!!!
    Toasted and buttered bread, two fried eggs, cheese, bacon, with grape jelly and (I know it sounds weird) – . YUM-O-RAMA. It is salty, and sweet.

    My mouth is watering while I type this!!!!

  88. My favorite quick dinner is nachos. I shred some cheese, grab leftover meat like chili or pulled pork, throw on some black beans and pop in the oven to heat. So gourmet!

  89. Simple nachos: chips, sliced jalapeños, whatever shredded cheese I have laying around, microwave 40 seconds, dip in salsa, sour cream or a delicious mixture of both. If I'm feeling like chasing people away, I'll sprinkle some garlic powder on top.

  90. Trader Joe's frozen sweet potato-sage gnocchi. It goes from frozen to piping hot in 8 minutes and I don't have to do anything!

  91. smart ones microwave meal – the angel hair marinara is pretty good. will usually zap some frozen broccoli to have with it!

  92. My favorite and quick go to meal is a whole wheat tortilla slathered with hummus, 2-3 pieces of roasted chicken or turkey and fresh spinach. Roll it up and there you have a quick meal you can eat with one had while chasing a toddler!

  93. I love me some fat free peanut butter, sprinkled with a little cinnamon on a rice cake and topped with dried cranberries. This is my go to lunch even on days when I have more than 5 mintues.

  94. I like to cover a softshell tortilla with cottage cheese, dried minced onion and a hit of oregano, then broil it under the broiler until hot and bubbly; add chunky salsa, roll and enjoy.

  95. Congrats to you and your family! Cute baby. A perfect 5 minute meal…a shaved fennel and orange salad. It hits the spot with crunch, tang, sweetness and lots of filling veggies.

  96. I have 2 quick meals that are often my salvation after a long day and no motivation to cook. the first is pasta cooked in water flavored with a boullion cube served with a little brown butter (made in the pasta pan after i drain the pasta) with lots of black pepper and parm. The second is a fried egg on whatever bread I have topped with a piece of cheese.

  97. My favorite would be to mix up a can of tuna with mayo and a few onion flakes..spread on a piece of toast..top with colby cheese and microwave until cheese is melted..yummy tuna melt in 5 minutes..add a few raw veggies on the side and it's a quick meal!!

  98. Microwave rolled oats, water and cinnamon, then add a spoonful of peanut butter. Takes 3 minutes in the microwave, fills me up for hours, and includes peanut butter-three reasons to love this quick meal!

  99. I heat up a wheat tortilla in the microwave for about 10 seconds, slap on a tablespoon or two of peanut butter, and voila!

  100. 1/4 cup sunflower seeds ( a complete protein and full of magnesium- which is great for relaxing those toddler chasing nerves) and a yogurt

  101. My favorite quick meal is almond butter on wheat toast or brown rice cakes and an apple. It's fast, satisfying, and delicious!

  102. Bosc pears thinly sliced with cabot sharp cheddar. Or mangos with sliced parm. The salty sweet combo really hits the spot.

  103. Cheese Quesadilla.

    And Pork Chops with Country Gravy and Mashed Potatoes (that may be 7 minutes). It is a cooking light recipe.

  104. Lately I've been doing super quick miso soup. Put some frozen spinach in a bowl, perhaps some noodles, a spoonful of red miso, top with boiling water, let sit for a minute or two. Tada! It's pretty filling for how light it is.

    Or, you know, I just eat some brownies stashed in the freezer.

  105. Freshly ground peanut butter and any type of good quality jam on DAVE'S Organic Good Seed Bread with raw carrots and celery to accompany it.
    Absolutely to die for.

  106. I have several go-to 5 minute meals. 1. hummus with pita bread and baby carrots, 2. Oatmeal with frozen berries and coconut butter or almond butter and 3. Tortilla scramble – strips of corn tortillas sauteed with black beans, whatever veggies are on hand and any leftover meat/non-meat hanging out in the fridge, top with salsa, cheese or avocado slices. Yummy all!

  107. My "go-to" five minute meal is "brinner," breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs seem to the fastest, but french toast is also pretty darn quick. I can even manage the bacon in 5 min, if I do it in the microwave.

  108. I love a quick shrimp stir-fry over couscous. Tons of veggies, protein and a quick cooking grain. Delicious, healthy and easy!

  109. We go for grilled cheese and soup! Sometimes we put more than grilled cheese in the sandwich, but that depends on how many shoes my son has tried to eat that day… :-) Good luck!

  110. I'm still a student at heart, because I cook up whatever flavor ramen is in the cupboard and throw in some frozen edamame and spinach, as well as an egg and whatever else is on hand. It may be 4000% of my RDA for sodium, but it's satisfying, and I can pretend there's some sort of nutritional advantage because of the veggies.

  111. Big ol mug of homemade chicken broth and homemade lemon curd on homemade crackers. Of course, the homemaking part takes more than 5 minutes, but it's done days ahead of when I want lunch! ;)

  112. Bagel pizza (spread marinara sauce on top of halved bagel; top with favorite pizza toppings such as diced olives and mushrooms; top with shredded cheese; place under broiler until cheese is melted.)

  113. Black bean and corn quesadillas! We make them with fresh corn in the summer but in the winter we've always got black beans in the cupboard and corn in the freezer!

  114. Tufurky hot italian sausage cut in half longways and dropped in a skillet for 4 minutes, then add the hot dog bun and toast that in the skillet too for a minute. Add brown mustard and all is well.

  115. I am going to tell you the BEST 9 minute meal. Boil up some enriched barille elbow noodles for 8-9 minutes until el dente, then drain, toss with jarred pesto from trader joes and a big dollop of ricotta cheese. Top with some shredded parm reg and it is amazing, and my 2 1/2 year olds favorite meal. We call it cheesy pesto noodles. We all love it!

  116. Homemade granola (I always have some in the cupboard) and yogurt (usually also homemade and already in the fridge) — fiber and protein.

  117. Got to go with a breakfast sandwich: some kind of bread (sandwich thin, english muffin, or plain ol' bread) + fried egg + cheese + meat (ham/sausage/bacon, if desired). And, add to that a piece of fruit or two and you have yourself a nutritious meal!

  118. Pasta with cream sauce. Throw the pasta in the pot and make the cream sauce while it cooks. It's fun because you can play with the spices depending on your mood. White pepper and cayenne when I want some heat, a teensy piece of saffron when I'm indulgent, some sauteed mushrooms when I've got them. Whatever.

  119. Your new niece is beautiful! Lately I've been surviving off Cliff Builder Bars for breakfast since I have to be to work by 5:15 am. I can eat these in a few minutes between rounds and the OR. And they stick with you until lunch! Not bad for a bar right?

  120. A smoothie! Just add any combination of frozen or fresh fruit and milk (or almond milk, soy milk, or yogurt) and blend. You can also add protein powder, fiber, cocoa, vanilla, honey, peanut butter, etc.There are endless combinations, and its super quick and yummy!

  121. The heartier the wheat bread the better- seedy and chewy and yum :)
    So my quickie sandwich: On one slice of bread spread some Mayo, on the other some jarred pesto. Layer on cold deli turkey and add lotsssss of dried cranberries (Craisins).

    My favorite thing about this sweet and savory sandwich is that you can make a bunch in advance the night before, and keep them in the fridge- in my opinion, the sandwich is better the next day because the bread absorbs the flavors and everything just gets more satisfying :)

  122. Spread hummus thickly on a small tortilla, put a handful of lettuce mix (from a bag) and add a slice or two of tomato and cucumber. Done.

  123. Of course it has to be pb&j. I prefer sourdough bread, raspberry preserves and smooth peanut butter. Lightly toasted. Ice cold skim milk. Perfect.

  124. My most favorite quick meal is a burrito with trafer joe's wheat tortillas, refried beans, cheese and salsa. You can't beat it.

  125. My fave quick meal is either a yogurt-berry-homemade granola parfait that I can eat on the run in a to-go cup, a lunchmeat-string cheese-veggie cream cheese roll-up, or something I've made a big batch of earlier in the week and just have to reheat {like veggie frittatas made in muffin pans, which even my 1 and 4 year olds like, or the awesome creamy baked taquitos from ourbestbites.com…and both freeze well!}

  126. A bean & cheese burrito – flour tortilla, refried beans from a can, a little cheese, some onions if I have time to cut them, roll it up and pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds – the newest go to meal at our house.

  127. I'm sure my 5 minute meal is the same as everyone else-a good simple sandwich. I usually go with a natural peanut butter with honey spread on honey wheat bread (can you tell I like sweets?) which can be made beforehand and eaten on the go…
    If I had a few more minutes i would say shrimp and grits because I've been living off of that for a while now ;) Shrimp cooks fast and the grits are worth the effort

  128. Oooh. Nutella on savory crackers is good. I try to make muffins on the weekend for a breakfast I can eat while I'm running to the bus stop every other day of the week. When I have a little more time – Toad in the Hole!

  129. Ramen is my fav 5 min meal but my fav toddler chasing meal is raw zucchini sticks and pimento cheese on crackers. Sometimes you can even get them to enjoy a few bites…

  130. Burritos! We put in whatever we've got on hand – sometimes that's leftover chicken or ground turkey, or if we are lucky guacamole, but we always have some beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream, which make perfectly delicious ones :)

  131. A quesadilla! The contents vary depending on what I have in the fridge, but I always have tortillas and cheese and it's my go-to quick lunch.

  132. It's really horrible but I eat ramen… I generally don't eat it so I just keep it around for when I'm so tired, I can't think straight. Although, I like to add an egg, spice it up with some nice spices (generally cumin, coriander and cayenne) and some frozen veggies so it's not totally horrible.

  133. cereal. always cereal. honey bunches of oats, lucky charms, raisin bran, cinnamon toast crunch, cheerios–it varies depending on my mood at the time. :)

  134. been eating spaghetti with ketchup & butter since college days…many,many moons ago!
    hot spaghetti mixes with ketchup & butter & is tasty!
    thanks for including me in this fab giveaway!

  135. My breakfast is totally 5 min or less. About a half a cup of vanilla greek yogurt with a handful of granola and a handful of fresh berries. A Kashi whole grain blueberry waffle on the side with a glass of milk.

    When feeding sprouts… that is other peoples kids, mine is 16 and relatively self-sufficient, I like instant pudding and hot dogs. Put the pudding mix and milk into a securely lidded tupperware bowl and hand off to a semi-responsible young-in for shaking. Nuke those dogs while the pudding is forming. The kids LOVE it and it's a guarantee that the parents will think twice about asking you to babysit in the future. :)

  136. My favorite 5 minute meal: scrambled egg on white bread with ketchup dotted across the top–a meal I created as a 6 year-old and 30 years later still love!

  137. Ham and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. I can roll it in under 30 seconds if I leave off the spicy mustard, carry it anywhere in the house one handed and "rescue" a toddler from the top shelf of his sister's bookcase while still getting in a reasonable meal. With enough practice, you can even snack on a wrap and fold towels. :)

  138. With three sons and a husband that works out of the country M-F, my favorite 5 minute meal is Cream of Wheat and peanut butter toast. It's healthy and fills my boys up! =)

  139. your niece is beautiful. wow. makes me miss babies.
    this is sad but kettle corn smart pop … 3 minutes 15 seconds and a hot meal or oatmeal with salsa and an over medium egg.

  140. Bean threads in chicken broth, with some baby spinach and a squeeze of lemon. I'm also partial to grilled cheese in any form.

  141. I love quick & dirty sandwiches like tomato with lots of salt and pepper on fresh sourdough bread. With mayonnaise, it's a guilty pleasure. With avocado, it's all good. When there is fresh basil in the house, it's heaven!

  142. So, I could lie and come up with something fancier, but honestly, when I'm hungry and need something fast, a bowl of cereal is the way I go. Sometimes, it's an english muffin or bagel toasted with cream cheese and homemade jam I keep a stash of…but most of the time, it's cereal. ;)

    Love the story of watching Laney crawl up on everything. Too funny (and true….I'm a mom of a 4 year old and have one more on the way). I have to start stocking up on quick breads and muffins for those middle of the night snacks I'm going to be needing soon.

  143. With two preschoolers I am very familiar with the concept of the 5 min meal. Some of my favorites: grilled cheese, fried egg/poached egg on toast, microwaved chili cheese burrito (tortilla, taco sauce, refried beans– zap 30 secs)– a 1 min meal. or hell, just getting a handful of cookies out of the box.

  144. Count me in for this contest.

    Favorite 5-min meal could be any of the following: nuked potato with toppings smooshed into it; heated-up soup or chili; a grilled cheese sandwich.

  145. What a cutie! My go to is peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread & if I have time chug a glass of whole milk. Keeps me going on days I think I might collapse otherwise!

  146. Well, I could eat cereal just about any time of day so I'd be happy with that and my husband's go-to would be scrambled egg and canadian bacon on an English muffin or bagel. But other quick dinners…we just had grilled cheese with bacon and leftover soup which is always a classic. Of course, I never mind when we have any leftovers (I could have sesame noodles for about a week straight before I tire of them).

    Good luck!

  147. Slice up a large crisp apple. Mix together one heaping tablespoon extra crunchy peanut butter with one heaping tablespoon Nutella. Scoop up this creamy, crunchy and nutritious mixture with the apple slices. Very satisfying.

  148. Cinnamon Raisin French Toast.
    It's simple:
    Cinnamon Raisin bread dipped in egg… fried up in a pan… sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar!

  149. My go-to is a banana with peanut butter. But I'll have to admit it would be a very non-creative winner for your contest! Love the babysitting stories!

  150. Peeled banana, spoonful of peanut butter. Dab some peanut butter on the end of the banana and bite. Dab more peanut butter and bite again. Continue until the end of the banana, hoping to come out even with the peanut butter. Not bad if you're in a tearing hurry.

  151. Congratulations on your new niece – she is truly precious!

    For five-minute meal I grab some turkey deli slices, piece of cheese and an apple!

  152. Two of my favorites:

    Corn tortilla cut in half one side spread with whipped cream cheese, top with turkey, avocado, and salsa add other half of tortilla to make sandwich. yum!

    Peanut butter banana sandwich on wheat bread with a thin drizzle of honey. Makes a great alternative to PB&J.

    Good Luck!

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