Countdown to Christmas

The Ezra Pound Cake Advent Calendar

  1. Treat yourself.
  2. Bring the outside in.
  3. Embrace the Crazy.
  4. See the Kwanzaa cake. Again.
  5. Steal a tradition.
  6. Hug it out.
  7. Get peaceful with Johnny and June.
  8. Phone your favorite fruitcake.
  9. Rudolph Appreciation Day!
  10. Feed your Inner Marshmallow.
  11. Jingle those bells.
  12. Make the Naughty List.
  13. Play it forward.
  14. Be the miracle!
  15. Video from Santa!
  16. Wrap Party.
  17. Bring it!
  18. Lock down your breakfast menu.
  19. Remember the sardines!
  20. Bask in the glory of Hugh Grant’s booty-shake.
  21. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  22. Have a cup of cheer.
  23. Visit the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  24. Roll with it.
  25. The Christmas Debriefing